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Top ways to improve CX with behavioural science

zawadia otieno

Ever since ancient times, the human mind has been studied for its complex nature. Behavioural science is a budding field in marketing that examines how people behave when they are making decisions about their purchases. It’s no surprise then that this type of study can also be applied to customer experience management or Customer experience transformation efforts.

We’ve all had those moments where we can’t help but shake our heads and sigh at the behaviour of customers, particularly when it comes to how they use your product. But what if you could change their behaviours? What if you could give them a reason to buy from you again and again? Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! When we think about customer experience transformation (CX), we often focus on things like improving products or driving more traffic through marketing efforts. However, behavioural science is critical for CX transformation as well. 

Leverage Behavioural Science to Learn and Change Customer Behaviour

It’s no secret that people make buying decisions based on emotion. But what is less well-known is how to use this information to your advantage when marketing products and services. How can you apply behavioural science to adopt a customer-centric approach

  • Understand what motivates customers before making decisions on pricing or promotional strategies 
  • Create a sense of urgency when possible; 
  • Use social proof for increased conversion rates (i.e., testimonials); 
  • Give customers options that are either easy-to-understand or difficult-to-decline; 
  • Offer incentives for desired behaviours; 
  • Provide immediate feedback after actions taken by the customer (i.e., instant gratification).

Using behavioural science rewards returning customers

Many business owners often fail to acknowledge customers that have been doing business with them for a long time, only rewarding new customers when they come in the door. This is a huge mistake!  Not only does it make the customer feel underappreciated, but it also means that your loyal repeat buyers are being ignored and not rewarded for their loyalty. With so many businesses competing against one another these days, this is an easy way to lose a valued clientele. Here’s how to recognize and reward return customers.

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Improves employee experience and customer experience 

The behavioural science of organizations is changing. Organizations are now able to understand how their employees behave and act in order for them to create a more positive customer experience with both external customers as well internal ones.

Many companies invest heavily into human resources, yet research shows that spending money on people can actually be counterintuitive if they don’t know what you’re looking at – because the best talent will leave any business where this isn’t encouraged or valued (Fulton). 

One example would include Google who offers all sorts of benefits like free food, healthcare insurance etc., which aside from being costly typically come out poorly whenever there’s a major change happening within an organisation so rather than burning cash constantly it makes sense just save up some.

Help them make the right decisions 

If you want to make it easy for your customers, create an environment that they can easily navigate through. Make sure all pages are simple and straightforward with no hidden fees or complicated conditions; this will help people who may not know exactly what they’re looking for when browsing online stores find something fast without feeling overwhelmed!

A major driving force behind the customer experience is subconscious cues

You know what they say about the customer always being right. In this case, you should treat them as such by doing everything possible for a positive experience and going out of your way to make sure there are no mistakes in how your business operates – especially with something so personal like an interaction between two people. By understanding the ways you trigger subconscious cues in your customer experience, it will be easier for you to avoid them. Create a customer service strategy that gives them cues subconsciously. 

Characterise the memory you want your buyers to have 

The best way to create a memorable experience for your customers is by thinking about the types of memories that they want. If you are selling cars, then it would make sense not only with what these people value in their lives but also at different stages during the sale process

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Many businesses struggle when trying to come up with an innovative idea on how they can produce more appealing customer experiences while maintaining profitability; however, this does not need to be true! 

zawadia otieno

A head consultant and a medical professional having 11 years+ experience in the field of medicines.

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