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How will IoT be overhaul by the HR Industry?

Kailas Panhalkar

The human resource department irrespective of their type, size, or industry; is embracing IoT in their processes. Implementation of the internet of things (IoT) will have a tremendous impact on your business in enriching employee health, efficiency, and transparency in your organization.  

Human resources are responsible for tracking, evaluating, and enriching the relationship between the employer and the employee from hire to retire. The best HR software in the USA might have IoT integrated to make the most of their resources.  

The HR department is also responsible for hiring the best talent; as per the vacant job role and minimize the skill gap. Moreover, they also need to ensure that their workforce is happy, satisfied, and content with their organization, compensation, and job role. They also need to understand business goals, set KPIs, and monitor performance to ensure a productive workforce.   

Traditional work processes to manage the entire human resource operations will be inefficient and have higher mistakes. The HR department can overcome most of its challenges by implementing HR software with IoT. In this blog, we will cover two important aspects of the internet of things. First, let us have a look at what exactly IoT is. Second, we will dive deep into how IoT will be overhaul by the HR industry.   

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?  

Internet of Things can be explained as a network of physical things or objects integrated with sensors, software solutions, and other advanced technologies to connect and share data with other devices and systems through the internet. You will find this technology in household applications to industrial tools.   

What are the benefits of IoT in the HR industry?  

Implementation of the top HR software in the USA with IoT has a tremendous impact on y aspect of human resources operations. For instance, this technology will have an on recruiting, onboarding, or paying the workforce. Following are the top benefits of IoT in the HR industry:  

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Enhance employee health and safety    

It is essential for business owners to keep employee mental and physical wellbeing as a top priority. Because a healthy, safe and stable workforce will have higher productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. The HR software with IoT will help the business owners to evaluate and track the workforce’s health. 

 Connected devices are capable of gathering data like employee food consumption, physical activity, and other vital activities of the workforce. Moreover, the HR system can evaluate the data gathered to spot the environmental challenges or issues that can cause a health hazard.  

As a result, business owners can take strategic measures to avoid them and ensure productivity does not get hampered. Furthermore, IoT devices are capable of keeping the sick building syndrome away from your workforce. Sick building syndrome is explained as a health hazard caused by polluted or intoxicated indoor air.  

For instance, the IoT sensors can evaluate the CO2 level and automatically activate the air conditioner in the premises to maintain a sufficient balance. The human resource department can make the most of IoT and its applications to improve workplace safety and accomplish the task. They can implement connected devices to track machines, pipelines, and other equipment to ensure workforce safety.   

Evaluate employee efficiency

It is the core responsibility of the human resource department to track workforce productivity. Tools like eye-tracking technology will help the business owner to track the employee movement through their eyes. This technology will help the business leaders to spot the voices or timings that create distractions in the workforce.  

Additionally, human resources can track the eyeball movement of an employee while completing a particular task. For instance, there are higher chances of employees falling asleep after their meals which will reduce productivity. Human resources can organize the time and stress management that will assist the employees to; manage their time efficiently and maintain a perfect work-life balance.  

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They deliver career counseling to your workforce based on identifying all the productive tasks through the sensors of IoT. For example, if you embed a beacon in the keyboard, it will track and evaluate; the keys pressed per minute.  

If your call center representative handles the customer grievance through call but has an impeccable typing speed. The management can track such agents and transfer them to chat or back-end departments to increase team efficiency.  

Collect employee feedback in real-time by IoT

It is a challenging task for human resources to gather authentic, honest, and unbiased reviews; from their workforce. It is not an impossible task, but the HR department will have put in extra efforts to have clear and transparent communication with their employees.  

It is crucial for business leaders to gather honest employee opinions to make strategic changes in their process to enhance the work culture and experience. The IoT devices with a camera can click the employee pictures after the meeting to capture their emotions after the meeting.  

These images will be shared on the central server; wherein the system will detect employee emotions and notify the concerned person if the employee is not happy.   

Enrich the employee experience

Many organizations follow an open-plan seating policy wherein the employees have the flexibility to choose their workstations. As a result, your workforce will be more collaborative, interactive, high on energy, and always productive. However, the employees also might complain that they spend time finding the right seat for them every day.   

The human resource department can spot all the available vacant positions at any given time. It will help the workforce to find an updated working system easily to start their work quickly. The HR software with AI and IoT will help to; analyze the employee behavior to predict any depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness traits.  

Cameras can capture the employee’s mood at various times a day to analyze the patterns or changes in the employee’s behavioral pattern. If the system detects that your employee is not happy or feels depressed it will notify the management so that they can take necessary actions.   

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Automate payroll processing using IoT  

One of the most crucial tasks of the human resource department is calculating and processing payroll. As a reason, the human resource department has to keep a record of the employee inputs, leaves, and absenteeism. For example, you can assign an RFID tag with sensors to each employee with their identity cards.  

These RFID sensors will have the entire information about the card owner and their login and log-out times. The RFID sensors are a perfect tool for business owners to track the employee inputs to get an overview of the total working hours. Business leaders can set a low frequency for the sensors to low proximity which h can be detected only when the employee is near his desk.   

Internet of things and its application can help business owners to calculate precise employee working hours. As a result, the business HR leaders will be able to pay every employee according to their inputs. It is a perfect tool for business owners who have desk jobs which will encourage the employee to; seat at their desk and complete the business task quickly.   


Internet of Things is a robust tool for every business owner to simplify and optimize many business aspects. The HR software with IoT will help the human resource department optimize its operations and make the most of its resources. Technology Counter is the fastest-growing tech recommendation platform wherein they will assess your needs and budget to help you select the best HR software in the USA.   

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