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How Wabi Sabi Botanicals Relieves Your Sensitive Skin

Jeannie Jarnot

For many of us, acne has been a long-term struggle that we have to deal with for years, often going back to our teenage years. And it is unfortunately something that we do not suddenly grow out of once we enter adulthood, so we instead have to find new ways of managing it and keeping our sensitive, acne-prone skin calm and healthy. The founder of Wabi Sabi Botanicals, Elysse Crabtree, knows this struggle well after dealing with acne-prone skin for years and struggling to find the right products to help her, even after switching to green beauty brands. That’s when she began researching skincare products more extensively and discovered so many new things about these products that she set out to create her own kinds of products. Skincare products that would treat her sensitive skin with care and actually help her and other people with similar concerns. That is how Wabi Sabi Botanicals came to be and how we became introduced to this marvelous clean beauty brand.

Gentle Ingredients
An important step in learning about natural skincare products was discovering that essential oils, which are completely natural, just are no good for her skin. They are irritating and sensitizing, despite being in so many green beauty products. Elysse was committed to creating effective products that were entirely natural and gentle on all skin types. Wabi Sabi Botanicals uses plant-based ingredients like candlenut oil, moringa oil, and buriti oil to create beautifully crafted, gentle botanical skincare products that are safe and effective for all skin.

Simple Routine
Sensitive skin is usually pretty opposed to change and it does not like to be exposed to sudden and drastic change like experiencing new environments or skincare products all at once. It will often react negatively and show signs of stress, redness, irritation, or even break out in acne. This is especially common when testing out products that have harsh ingredients to them that your skin may find abrasive or irritating. In order to deal with this kind of immediately responsive, sensitive skin, you want to proceed with changes at a slow but steady pace, keeping an eye on your skin’s developments to make sure that it is adjusted before adding a new product or ingredient. This is where Wabi Sabi Botanicals once again gets it right. They are in full support of a well-rounded, simplified routine that does not have you layering on so many products all at once. You can get adjusted to using their products fairly quickly since they recommend a simple routine and use such gentle ingredients to create each bottle.

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With just a few well-selected products, you can create a new skincare routine that will not overwhelm your skin and allow it to adjust at a fair pace. The added benefit of this is that it also makes it easier for you to follow a consistent skincare routine since you only have a few products that you use at a time. You do not have to feel exhausted just by the idea of doing your skincare routine. Instead you can delight in the experience by enjoying how luxurious everything feels. Wabi Sabi Botanicals has some of the most beautiful, elegant packaging we have ever seen in skincare brands. It is more like something you get to do to pamper yourself, rather than something you do out of obligation.

To try out Wabi Sabi Botanicals and curate a gentle skincare routine that actually helps with your sensitive skin type, you can head over to the Wabi Sabi Botanicals collection at They have a beautiful selection of products for you to explore and enjoy.

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