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How To Select Best Cake Boxes For Your Bakery Items

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Bakery items or baked goods are consumed by a vast number of people all around the world. The making and the baking of cakes can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, where the people used these baked items as offerings to the Gods and to the Holy spirits. The most common shape of the cake is the round one, which symbolized the moon and the people from ancient Greeks, used candles on these cakes, and served the Goddess of the moon by paying tributes. Many people believed that the smoke of the candles took their prayers to the gods that live in the sky.

Cakes are widely used for different reasons. It is known to be a birthday essential as no one celebrates their birthday without the cutting of cakes after blowing the candles away. Other events that include the use of cakes include the wedding ceremonies, the anniversaries, Christmas, and the event of New Years. 

Sacred for some people and the bringer of joys to other people, whatever the reason might be, these sweets play an important role in all kinds of events. The important point of note today is the use of cake boxes. There are many reasons why the packaging plays an important role in the handling and marketing of these eatables.

For safety

The boxes that are used to contain the cake are not just strong but are foldable too. The idea of boxing is to make sure that the cake stays in shape and preserves for the factor of hygiene.

For appearance

Another reason for using the packages of cakes is to enhance the appearance of the cakes by using window cases. This makes sure that the cake has a better outlook and not just it, it makes the cake look more exquisite and beautiful. 

This section is to tell you about the kind of cake boxes that are best for the bakery items for the sake of the business that you are running. Make sure to note these tips down in order to before selecting the packaging of your cake cases.


Simple is better 

The average customer takes about 5 to 6 seconds to decide and to answer the simple questions in their own mind as soon as they see the product in the packaging. The two questions for the custom printed boxes that must be answered while watching the product are;

What is this product for?

What brand is offering this product?

The only way to answer these questions through the packaging of the cakes is by keeping the boxes simple and clear. The best way to design a simple cake packaging is to provide the box with a tagline that answers the first question. A tagline about cakes, the second question can easily be answered by the use of the logo on the packaging of these cases.

To select the best packaging, make sure that the design of your selected type of box is simple and clear in order to ease the decision by the customers when they select their treat of cakes. 

Select a packaging that is authentic 

The core of any leading brand is not just the character; it is the notability and the creativeness of the brand too. The best and authentic packaging should cover all these features in them. To stand out while selecting the design of the packaging is the key to success for the business of bakery items. Using logos that already exist and changing them according to the brand will never let the brand flourish on its own. Rather than flourishing, it will just become an image of the real brand, an image that is destined to fade away in the future.

Therefore, in the business of bakery items, the brand should select a kind of packaging, which makes it stand out from the crowd in order to look authentic and real. 

Honesty on casing

One of the most important factors while selecting the packaging of cakes is, to be honest about the information that is imprinted on the casing. The basic information includes the contents, amount of calories, ingredients, and the manufacturing and expiring dates of cakes. All this information should always be honest in order to build trust among consumers. 

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The material used for the packaging

The material used for the custom cake boxes wholesale should always be of the top quality. Several materials can be used in the manufacturing of these packaging. Using simple cardboard cases or the Kraft boxes are the best options for the material. Both of these materials are strong, robust, and sturdy, which are good for the environment as can be recycled repeatedly in order to produce more cardboard and Kraft sheets. 

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