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How To Market Your Business With Custom Coffee Mugs?

Tracy Beilliams

Caffeine lovers cannot imagine starting their day without hot coffee right in front of their eyes in their favourite mug. In an era where every person begins their day by preparing to go to the office without a mug, this morning ritual is surely incomplete. 

That’s exactly where the nerve lies. A plan to promote your business with custom coffee mugs might seem reckless. But if the process is carried out successfully, the cock is meant to land in your court. 

Out of all the crocks available, a mug is somewhat the most used one. And having a mug that reflects your individuality rewards you with a sense of pleasure. 

Suppose you are still in a dilemma of why promote your business using a custom mugs photo. Read on to know why. 

  • Your target audience appreciates the value

Since a mug doesn’t equate to use and throw away, your customers can use them for multiple purposes, which means they are less likely to throw it away. It also signifies that each time they look at the custom mugs photo, they recall your business and its service.  

Over time, it would inculcate your brand’s name in their mind, enabling them to recognize it just by its logo.  

  • Free custom mugs offer an incentive to listen

It is pretty hard to assume that there are people around the world who don’t love freebies. 

If you are willing to pitch your product or service to a potential audience, handing out a personalized coffee mug will instigate them to listen to your words. Serving as a great opportunity to sell your real product. 

Though flyers and business cards do the same work, these tactics have turned out to be less effective over time. Moreover, people nowadays are adopting a cluster free lifestyle. Hence marketing materials like flyers end up in the trash. 

  • Helps you expand your reach of audience
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When you hand over a custom mug to a potential customer, you can expand your customer reach through them. How? Well, your customer is likely to hang out with people of the same demographic as them. 

And when they do so, people around them are bound to notice the information printed on the mug, earning exposure.

Your custom mugs photo might get a customer without even reviving your marketing material. 

Now that you know why you should go for custom mugs photos out of all, you might be thinking about how you should market your business using them? You are at the right place to seek an answer. 

Take a look!

How To Market Your Business Using Custom Coffee Mugs?

Whether you are planning to give out freebies or want to earn extra money on the side by selling custom mugs cheap, going through the following pointer will surely help you in either scenario. 

  • Sell custom mugs cheap

When you present a cute coffee mug on your store counter, the chances of being acknowledged are pretty high. It is more likely to entice your customer to get them home along with the things they are already buying. 

Moreover, utilizing such ideas saves your time spent on piling the mugs at an appropriate place to get recognized and money spent to stock them. 

Additionally, finding stores that sell customized mugs isn’t that difficult either. All you need is to type “custom mugs near me“, and you’ll end up having a ton of options. 

  •  Modest yet valuable advertise resource 

If you are planning to promote your business, coffee mugs are an excellent choice. Having a custom mugs photo that features your logo, name, and other details will help you create a lasting impression on your customer. 

Moreover, you can term custom mugs as cheap yet valuable sources of promotion too. You can hand one out to people who purchase items worth a specific amount. 

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It would boost your brand recognition and also hike your current sales. 

  • Create occasional gift baskets with custom mugs

If there is any occasion going on, or a certain festival, you can use them as an opportunity to reach your product or service. 

In order to maintain a healthy relationship with prime customers, businesses often send cards and other greeting gifts at festivals or remarkable occasions. You can add your custom mugs to such goodies. 

It would enhance the worth of the goodie you send while promoting your brand at the same time. 

  • Serve customers coffee in custom mugs

If you have a business where customers have to physically visit your office or store, serving hot beverages using coffee mugs is a great way to promote. 

Instead of purchasing coffee mugs from a store, you can craft your own that showcases your brand’s identity.  

While your customer waits for you to interact with them, serve them coffee and cookies in these mugs. It serves you two benefits. 

  • Helping you promote your brand.
  • Showing your integrity to serve them when you welcome them with such greetings.
  • Sending custom mugs to bloggers

Blogging is a profession that’s always in the trend. Sending out freebies along with custom mugs to bloggers is a perfect way to grab an opportunity to take advantage of this trend. 

Bloggers have a large fan following; hence promoting through them can help you expand your reach. All you need to do is, find active bloggers available near you and cater to those with the same demographics as yours. 

Once you are done making a list, send them your gift box along with the custom mug. Try to make the box more special by adding a handwritten note requesting them to promote your brand. You can even add your products, or if you serve services, you can add discount coupons. 

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Regardless of how a mug is used, be it for drinking or as a penholder, they are always in use. This means you have an opportunity to create repeated brand awareness. 
People might treat custom mugs as cheap promotion tactics, but they are one of the most useful tricks, making them suitable for business regardless of the size.

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