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How to Keep Qabza-Mafia away from your property Kammy
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Over the years, we’ve seen several news headlines about Qabza organizations and unlawful occupation, but never once have the core reasons for such crimes been addressed. Weak laws are to blame for all of these crimes.

In Pakistan, the law specifies that no one can be evicted from a piece of property encircled by at least a wall. This statute gives citizens the option of occupying land illegally or by force.

I’ve seen firsthand how the Qabza organizations operate. My aunt’s house was attacked a few years ago, and we arrived with police in the thick of the operation. The Qabza group storms the house with guns, forcing everyone inside into a room where they are held captive. The objects in the rooms are then cleared to ensure that no evidence of the current residents remains. 

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 The Qabza gang moves their belongings and furnishings into the cleaned rooms, along with women and children who claim to have been living there for years. Bribes are paid to the local police to delay their arrival. The captive inhabitants are released once the Qabza gang has settled in. When the police come, they discover two families living in the house and refer the case to the courts, where it languishes for years. During this time, the Qabza organization threatens and even kills the previous tenants to take over the property entirely.

Possession is just as Important as Document Acquisition.

Make sure the plot you’re buying hasn’t been sold before. A little research can go a long way toward safeguarding your interests. Following the receipt of the paperwork, notify the relevant authorities in your areas, such as the Karachi Development Authority (KDA) in Karachi and the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) in Lahore, of the property transfer. It will be easy to connect with the authorities if they have been involved from the beginning.

Construct a Boundary Wall

It may appear to be a no-brainer, but trust me when I say it’s crucial. A wall serves as a guard to would-be land-grabbers that the land isn’t vacant and that the real owner isn’t far away. Even if you don’t build a whole wall, make a visible boundary to let everyone know it’s your property. People have even put up signboards with the name and phone number of the genuine owner in some circumstances to ensure that anyone looking at it is aware that the owner is nearby.

Make Yourself Known

Continue to check the area to ensure that no illegal work is taking place on your property. You can establish friends with your neighbors so that they can alert you if land-grabbers move in. If you’ve invested in society, make sure you communicate with the management. Also, make certain that all local property dealers know that you are the owner of that specific plot of land. Get to know the major participants in the local real estate market. Although it may appear to be a lot of work, many of my sources say that making these changes will help you stay secure. This is especially significant in areas where land grabbing is a problem. Invest in Park View City

Have a Guard on Duty

Because the owner is residing overseas or outside the city, any unoccupied plot of land or empty house, including vacant property in affluent regions, may attract illegitimate ownership. A trustworthy ranger will keep the ground hijacker (Land – Grabber) at bay or, at the very least, alert you to the problem in a timely manner. Keeping a guard or someone to keep an eye on your plots will assist keep them safer than if they were left alone.


To prevent Qabza groups from occupying government-owned lands, the person in charge of checking these lands should sign and submit a statement every year declaring that they have checked and ensured that no illegal occupation had taken place. At the same time, satellite images can be used to identify and check all the properties by each government organization.

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