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How to Gain Organic Traffic to Your Online Store

Mansi Rana

Now when everyone is taking the business online, gaining organic traffic is getting tougher day by day. From entrepreneurs to industry giants, every business is in the race of increasing its online sales. Therefore, to outrank competitors it is essential to get high organic traffic and enhance the conversion rate.

If you own an e-commerce website, your goal is to drive more traffic to your website and perform better on search engines to enhance reach. Business owners often spend a lot of money on paid ads and social media campaigns and ignore the power of content and search engines. So today, we are here to guide you on how you can increase the organic traffic on your online store in this continuously modifying era of technology.

#1. Mark your Presence on Social Media

Launching an online store is becoming a quick and easy process, but making people visit that store is the real task. Imagine you finally launched your business online the only visitors are your colleagues and family. What’s the point of getting these passive visits? 

If you want to increase organic traffic, you must build brand awareness and excitement among the customers. And the best way to do so is to make create social media accounts. The increased use of social media marketing services and smartphones has pushed every business to be active on major social platforms like Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The fastest and the cost-effective way to reach out to a wider audience is through these platforms. If you want to increase the organic reach, focus your efforts on the platform where your audience is the most active. Social media is a powerful tool and drives organic traffic to your website. It allows high customer engagement by posting quality content.

#2. Email Marketing and Newsletters

Another great way to enhance organic traffic to your store is email marketing. Build a newsletter list and communicate with your customers via emails and promotional messages. 

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To do so, you need to give an option for a newsletter subscription and ask customers their contact information to send emails. Once you are done with making a list of all the emails, it’s time to create eye-catchy and value-added newsletters. You can make a goal to send at least one email per week to keep your audience engaged.

You can spread the news about personal events, recent blogs, promotions, or campaign links via newsletters. You can also educate them about any referral program or incentive policies. As a business, you can automate the entire purchase process and send the information via emails to the customers. 

Email marketing is highly powerful and can have a positive effect on e-commerce and help you enhance your sales.

#3. Utilize the resources of Local SEO

Local SEO is another effective way to target local customers and get high conversion rates. You can promote your business that is struggling to drive more organic customers to the website via Local SEO. It calls for targeting the local market, local audience, and local keywords research.  

Local SEO is a great way to reach more customers and gain more traction from the users. For optimizing SEO for local businesses you must follow some crucial steps to enhance your local audience. Having a local SEO strategy for small businesses is very crucial to gain more brand visibility and drive more sales. 

#4. Nudge your connections.

This one seems easy but indeed is one of the most imperative steps in increasing organic traffic. Tap into your connections and expand your brand awareness among them.

Just before you are all set to launch your business, share the news by word-of-mouth or on social media or send messages to your family and friends. 

Share the information like your domain name, social media handles, your catalog along with the website with your connections. This could fetch you some really good traffic and enhance your customer database. Spreading this news directly with your connections also adds a sense of personalization.

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#5. Develop a Blog

Blogging is another effective way to increase organic traffic. It is beneficial and helps you reach the target audience and boost organic traffic. 

Blogging enables you to share content that your audience wants. When your target audience searches for some information with relevant keywords you are targeting, it takes them to your site and they check out your business. This way you can have more leads to convert and boost your site’s authenticity. 

You can create some informative blogs and target relevant keywords to improve the ranking. With the help of blogging, you can publish content and drive more organic traffic to your website.

If you are struggling to enhance organic traffic to your online store, it’s time to take action and follow these simple tips to gain more audience.

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