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How to Design a Name Tag That Represents Your Brand

Kim Smith

Your brand is what people think about every time they think about your company. Branding promotes name recognition. So if you aren’t thinking about branding, you aren’t thinking about growth or achieving business longevity.

There are many ways to realize branding success, but apart from designing a representative logo for your business, having an official name tag is how you can take it further.

So to make sure your marketing efforts extend beyond your logo, here are some tips to making name badges that represent your brand.

●Think About the Conversion Funnel
When designing name badges or tags, think about the conversion funnel. For people to become your customers, they must first be aware of your company.

If you are in the retail or service industry, or any industry where there are more client-facing activities, appearing professional is very important. It’s all about first impressions, and you can get a good first impression by completing your or your employees’ look with a name badge.

Your employees’ look should be a part of your marketing strategy.

●Think “Unified Experience”
Your name badge should reinforce what people recognize from your website, social media channels, emails, products, store design, and others.

In other words, your logo, font, color, and other distinct elements of your brand that appear on the tag should be consistent with what people see on your website, social media sites, and everywhere else where your name is seen.

●The Design Should Reflect What You do
This should be obvious, but let’s make it clear in case it isn’t. You shouldn’t put a coffee cup in the design if your business is a hair salon, for example, unless serving coffee is also a core service of your salon. Your design should match your business.

Aside from objects, the color you choose provides an additional focus on your business. Cryptocurrency companies, for example, typically have a hint of gold in their logo and website. Auto companies generally use silver color because it denotes luxury and quality workmanship.

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Tailor fit your design, including the colors you use to the services and products you offer.

●The Design Should Appeal to Your Market
Just like an interior designer can’t design a house without knowing his client or what his client likes, you should also not design your business name badges if you don’t know your target market.

Designing one that appeals to your market should be easy if you make sure your design reflects your web’s design—unless your website wasn’t also designed to target your audience. This circle backs to the unified customer experience of your brand.

●The Design Should Reflect Your Brand Values and Culture
Let the people know more about your company’s values and culture through your badges. For example, if your company has a slogan, a maxim or philosophy consider adding that to your tags.
It won’t only tell people about your company but it will also remind them of your commitment to your customers. Name badges are a great way to increase slogan recognition.

Wear a Name Tag and Stand Out from the Crowd!
A good brand name badge serves as a representation of everything about your company. It can influence the public’s perception of your company and your branding efforts.
So provide a good first impression and increase brand recognition by wearing a name tag that reflects everything your company stands for.

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