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How to Decide on the Right Packaging for Your New Product

Right Packaging
Taj Secombe

The fundamental goal of packaging is to secure its contents from damage during transportation, storage, and handling.

Proper packaging techniques keep the product intact as it moves along the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer. It shields the product from moisture, heat, light, and other elements.

However, while the primary purpose of packaging is to protect the product, it is an essential component of product marketing and branding.

Custom packaging can enhance the product’s desirability and, as a result, influence a consumer’s purchase decision.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Product

Using the proper packaging can make the product stand out on the shelf or online, increasing sales opportunities, giving relevant product information, and generating interest.

Most consumers understand that packaging does influence their purchasing decisions.

It is a tool for communicating the company and brand’s ideals and the numerous advantages (and unique selling proposition) that the product provides to the buyer.

Take a look at some of the suggestions below to assist you in choosing the best packaging for your product:

1. Put the User First

When it comes to packaging, the simplicity with which a customer can open the container and consume the product should be your first concern. Functional takes into prime consideration how the customer interacts with it.

You don’t want a packaging format that requires a lot of time and effort to open. The most effective method to do this is to use suitable packaging. Find a material and a solution that makes your product stand out and makes it simple for the buyer to open and dispense the product when it arrives.

2. Have a Clear Picture of The Size and Shape

Sticking to standard sizes and shapes that large packaging companies can quickly produce can indeed help you save money. While unconventional sizes and shapes might help attract people’s attention on the shelves, the extra expense and hassles of package manufacturing aren’t worth it. If the choice, as mentioned earlier, doesn’t support an actual authentic brand concept, ditch trying to be different just for the sake of affecting intrigue.

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Simplicity gives you more flexibility and ease when it comes to storing, handling, and transporting. By avoiding complex choices, you may be able to place smaller orders or separate sets and save money.

Instead, use those savings toward intelligent design decisions to improve your brand’s aesthetic appeal and brand awareness.

3. Choose Appropriate Packaging Material Tailor Fit to your Product Type

When it comes to packaging materials, you have a large selection to pick from. Your packaging material options, combinations, and possibilities are practically limitless. Still, it would be best to decide which will be the most excellent fit for the distribution of your product and its total weight.

For example, if your product is in liquid format, don’t just choose plain stand up pouches—choose a stand up pouch with a spout for easy dispensing.

4. Work with Professionals to Create a Unique and Effective Design

It would help to address all aspects of your packaging design, and specifications must be carefully finalized. Otherwise, your product will not receive the favorable feedback it needs to succeed. Any product’s design, on the other hand, is critical to its success.

Especially in today’s visually-driven market, if the overall package isn’t appealing, the product within will not be sold. Again, the material has a huge role in the overall design of a package—think about all of your options. Adding professional custom printed tissue paper, for example, amplifies any packaging aesthetic to make unboxing moments more special.

Decide on What Works Best For You

No matter how well your product performs, it is still largely dependent on how it is packaged and presented.

Your product packaging could be the difference between your launch being a success or failure. If your customers don’t find the package appealing, there’s a good possibility they won’t pick it up to want to find out more about it.

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Choose packaging that is functional, attractive to your target market, and tells the story of your brand. Your product deserves packaging that maximizes all the opportunities to achieve higher sales and best brand recognition. 

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