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How To Communicate Constructive Feedback To A Fellow Employee

Chris Greenwalty

Feedback is an essential tool for individual growth. It identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a person as an employee. The feedback can be constructive or positive. Often people take the negative feedback as criticism. But in reality, it gives the person an edge for improvement, constructive feedback. The employer requires to come up with a strategy while giving constructive feedback. The main tool of giving feedback is in the tone of communication. It should have a basic set of protocols to make sure the employee is getting the point.

He is not being offended and realizes the importance of a solution. Construction criticism is basically a solution helping feedback. For example, if a person is not doing the work as assigned. The supervisor will let him know about it. Otherwise, it will take himself and the company a bad name. Here is the plan that you can use to give constructive feedback:

Start With ‘Why Is It Important:

The supervisor or the employer should start by addressing the importance. Tell him why the feedback is important in his job. Highlight his good points too. Appreciate what eh had been doing good. What will happen if he will keep the information to himself. Address the problem you observed. After describing the situation and issue. Let the employee speak in his explanation. Later, addressing the solution on his behalf. It will take the employee to get the information in his favor.

Communication Tools:

Communications tools are very important in work ethics. When an employer has to face a situation like constructive feedback. He should choose a calm, supportive, and understanding tone. Use of authority, order, and frowning tone will put a bad image on the employee. He may develop a negative image of the work or the person providing the feedback. Try to do this face to face. Don’t use the email, document, or newsletter for this. The employee might have an explanation for the problem.

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It also gives a real idea of the person’s perceptions. The use of verbal and non-verbal tones also affects in different ways. the eye gaze and frown may put the employee under stress to lose his job. A positive outlook with a friendly tone will have a more positive outcome. At the end of the conversation session, the goal is to improve. If the employee takes a bad reflection of the conversation. It will enhance the problems.

Address The Purpose Of The Feedback:

According to a dissertation help firm, constructive feedback is a supportive way of telling people. It also gives the solution idea to the employee. It uplifts the morale of the employee rather them put him down. It reduces the confusion related to work that sometimes causes work issues. It awards the employee of the work expectations from him by the company. It gives a new outlook and vision to the person to work upon. The person will feel eager to work more rather than reluctant to grow.

Communication Language:

The words, jargon, tone of the communication reflect the idea of the feedback. In the case of negative words, the employee understands it as negative feedback. For example, avoid using deconstructive words like, ‘Your performance is not good’. ‘You are wrong. Rather take a high road. Address the competencies first. Like ‘You are so motivated to work, but I see you are having issues in a certain task, let’s discuss it more. ‘let’s find a solution for what you are facing difficulties do.

Observations Are Important:

While addressing the issues be direct and interpret your own observations. Don’t focus on the office gossip or what someone else has said about that. Someone else’s believes will make the situation a criticism. As you must have observed the situation or issue by yourself. It will establish eh trust of the employee in your skill and judgment.

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Keep Focused On The Work Behavior:

Address the issue you are seeing. Don’t put the personal nature and aspects of observations under consideration. As personal nature aspects can divert the issue to individual personality. So, the employer needs to focus the issue analysis on the ethics of work. It will also provide more trustworthy communication. The focused and open conversation session will surely end up good.

Leading Change Attitude:

During the face-to-face conversation, feedback sessions lead the change. The employee often looks up to the superiors for guidance. But unfortunately, the aspects of ego, negative attitude and work politics get in the way. The constructive feedback is based on the leadership of the superiors. Leading with a change of attitude and work morale will lead to a better chance in the employee’s work as well.

End Up With The Recommendations:

After addressing the issue statement move on to the end. End with a constructive solution and recommendation headlines. It can be a change of moral of work or work learning. Invest healthy moral boosting quotes like ‘learning is a part of life we all keep learning. ‘you have such a learning curve’. It will divert the issue of taking the constructive in a negative way.

The output of the person’s work will improve. The recommendations can be related to behavior changes too. Address the behavior change inefficiently way. Address and acknowledge the issues of employees. Lead to the changing solution. Highlight the benefits for the employee for himself. In career and personal lifeform, these constructive feedbacks have a positive impact.


Constructive feedback is given in any field of profession. A teacher to student, a superior to his junior. It is a supporting statement of change followed by the solution. It highlights the working strengths of the person. it also acknowledges the possible issues faced by the employee. The employer analyzes the performance of the employee on basis of his own observations.

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The involvement of other employees is restricted. Don’t base the observations on someone else’s beliefs. Establish trust in open face-to-face conversational communication. Take into account the possible issues. Lead the change and provide a possible solution. Highlight the strengths more and link them to achieving more. Apply a ‘learning’ approach in the feedback.

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