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How to Choose Your Office Name Tag Design

Kim Smith

Often companies that have employees interacting with clients on a regular basis will be recommended to incorporate name tags into the employee dress code. It is a way of making your workers look more professional, unified, and inviting to current and potential clients as they interact. People often find name tags to be helpful since it associates a name to the face and makes the experience feel more personal overall. It is a great, simple tool for improving the appearance of your employees overall and one that we frequently suggest business owners to consider. Once you finally decide that you want to start using employee name badges, you then have to decide how you want the name tag design to look, which has puzzled all too many business owners before. It is such a simple task, yet it begins to feel so challenging when you have to commit to a design worn by all employees around customers. To help make this process feel a little simpler and more approachable, we wanted to list out some ways that you can create your name tag design so that it feels right at home with your business and sends the right message to clients.

Clean & Simple
For those who prefer a clean, minimal look, we recommend just using fewer design details to create your name tag. You really do not have to do too much if you would genuinely prefer the look of a very simple name tag that includes little beyond the essentials. Include your employee’s name, job title, and perhaps a simple border around the badge to complete the name tag design. Just use your brand’s colors and font to keep it all cohesive.

Detailed Design
If you really want to take advantage of your employee name badges and use them to represent the company in a more dynamic way, you can always bring in more details and really take your time designing your name tags to have a little more to them. Keep in mind that it is still a small canvas, so there is only so much you can do before it becomes crowded. But generally, you are free to play around with the design if you feel confident doing so.

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Add Accessories
You will also want to be aware of the additional features or accessories you can add to your name badges. These are more niche or situational, so it is up to your discretion to decide whether or not to use them. For example, multilingual employees can wear badge talkers that indicate their fluency to customers, just as new employees can wear a talker indicating that they are still in training.

Once you look at things broken down into their individual components, it should be easier to see what you can do to create or manipulate them into being what you want. Creating your own name tag design does not have to be a challenging or frustrating process in the least, as long as you have a general idea of the style you want to go for and what features you want to take advantage of. Simple designs are much easier, but more detailed designs can be well worth the effort. It just depends on what you want for your business and what kind of an impression you want these name badges to leave. Ultimately, it helps when you shop from a supplier that gives you lots of options and an easy system to work through. The one that has impressed us the most is They make it incredibly easy to order from them, or to even design your name tag right on the website. It is very beginner-friendly even for those who aren’t the most familiar with technology, so you can definitely create the name tag you want with them.

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