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How to buy used honda civic Kammy
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Honda’s Civic series has been one of its most successful, and longest-running, with at least 16.5 million copies of that model sold in more than 48 years of worldwide production. It is, for such success, as well as its economic prices that we have chosen this type of vehicle as one of the best to buy in 2021. Its most recommended models are:

 1- 2019 Honda Civic

 The 2019 Honda Civic has a V4-type engine that can reach a maximum output of 158 horsepower. In addition, its fuel economy is quite efficient at being able to go between 30 and 38 miles per gallon of fuel.

 Inside, on the other hand, up to 5 people can go comfortably.

 According to data from Cars US News, the 2019 Honda Civic has an average cost of $ 20,000.

 2- Honda Civic 2015

 The 2015 Honda Civic has a V4-type engine that can reach up to 143 horsepower. Plus, its gas economy allows it to go 30 to 39 miles for every gallon of fuel you add to its tank.

 On the other hand, in your cabin up to 5 people can go comfortably.

 According to data from Edmunds, the 2015 Honda Civic has a price range that goes from $ 6,700 to $ 20,800.

 3- Honda Civic 2018

 The 2018 Honda Civic has a V4-type engine that can reach up to 158 horsepower. In addition, this car has a fuel economy comparable to the other vehicles described above as it can go an impressive 31 and 40 miles for every gallon in its tank.

 Its cabin, on the other hand, can carry up to 5 people comfortably.

 According to data from Motor Biscuit, the 2018 Honda Civic has a price range that goes from $ 5,000 to $ 7,000.

 4- Honda Civic 2010

 The 2010 Honda Civic has a 5-speed automatic transmission that is powered by a V6-type engine with 140 horsepower. Its fuel economy is reasonable enough that it can go between 25 and 36 miles for every gallon of gasoline inside.

 Its cabin can transport up to 5 people inside it comfortably and efficiently.

 The 2010 Honda Civic has a price range of $ 2,000 to $ 11,000.

 It is important to note that all the costs of convertible cars described in this text are expressed in US dollars and have values ​​that respond to a particular time/space (the United States, 2021).

 A sportive face or your style and for this reason you seek a KBB used car value with a bold, powerful, well-equipped, economical, and main feature: that does not give much maintenance. With these qualities, you can go thinking about a Honda Civic. At large vantage, give him a cash appraisal, try to find hair for tuning adepts, but then a problem arises. Because it is an imported sports car, its peças are expensive, and finding a good state is very difficult. No used market, most of the customers ask for 27,000 reais (or 3000 above the table of Fipe) for a that I never have to eat, address, trio, and solar system. One further insisted that it was not safer for this model, it was only imported from more than 10 years ago.

Despite being more difficult to be found, they are more valued. Outra great car with relation to the parts of reposition that can be shared with the national Civic. For used honda civic, redouble or care with the mechanical part and the condition of the most expensive peças of the car.

 To determine an idea, only to cleanliness, which mechanics will need to remove the bronzes and eliminate all accumulated waste, not for less than R $ 4,000. If you need a refit or complete engine, you can jump to R $ 7,000 for a price. Other mechanical problems are related to the solenoid filter of the VTEC variable command which may be blocked by higher quality oil counting. To validate or state of the filter, only by disassembling the entire system.

 Verify the general state of the car, which can show traits. Qualquer will hold no component that can be traversed and tied to break. A complete set não sai for less than R $ 1,500. For more information, you can visit

Check if the hydraulic socket of the motor, located behind the motor, is not locked. Your symptoms são strides and noises at each accelerated. I know that for the substitution you will pay R $ 450.

 By the end, endorsement or state of the rear façade bunches that customer lashing with just 20,000 km, according to specialists. The symptoms are instability of curves, dry shakes or swallowing on uneven floors, also difficulty to hit or align. Uma nova is worth R $ 175.

 Imported from Germany, the same sporting temperament and pedigree of an authentic sporting spirit. The two valves per cylinder coupled with a torque of 16.8 Kgfm extracted from the 114 hp 2.0 engine end up being more agile at low speeds and medium rotational speeds, or which mainly favors starting and over passages. The autonomy or Golf has a small vantage per count of its 55-liter tank (10 more with them ), no internal space in the directing position.


 Therefore, as the best engine, or used Honda Civic – despite having a smaller displacement – it is better, thanks to the command of the variable opening of the VTEC valves, which guarantees that it will reach a maximum speed of 215 km / h against 187 of the German rival. 

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