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How staff augmentation solves your hiring problem?

Alex Jone
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Staff augmentation is the process in which new external resources and talents are hired. The companies themselves do not have this particular talent in their internal workforce and require the help of external services to get the particular talent in the company for a shorter period, rather than hiring for full time. This saves a lot of money and time for the company and helps them save a lot of energy on decision making.

Let us understand the concept of augmentation through an example.

Let us consider a certain industry requires graphic designers to carry out certain work. In such a situation it does not make sense to put forward graphic designers for hire boards and ads everywhere. This will require you to address the recruitment process from scratch and would take a lot of time. Similarly, if you want a web designer for hire you do not need to get the process from start.

In such a situation, where the requirement of a candidate is for only a small work and only for a certain period, and there is no requirement to hire a full-time candidate, staff augmentation can be used. Here you would contact an external service provider to provide you with the necessary services for the required period.

This allows the company to get the best candidates to carry out the work and also save a lot of money and time that would be required for graphic designers for hire or a web designer for hire from scratch.

How staff augmentation helps the hiring process?

We all by now know lengthy is the process of hiring, it can almost take 6 months to get the right candidate. Now, assume that you have more than one job openings that only are required for merely a year or few months. Just take a rough idea, each position will have more than 1000 applications, and each position can take about 6 months to get a candidate.

Just calculate, for 3 positions, 1000 candidates each and a span of 6 months. A company will almost spend 1.5 years just to carry out recruitment. In this period they need to screen, interview, train, background check more than 3000 candidates. How tedious is this? A lot and the company can easily digress from the main and important responsibilities.

Why focus on such details? Because this will give you an idea about the time that goes behind it.

With staff augmentation, you would not need to carry out all the process by yourself, you can collaborate with a service provider and provide them with some basic information about the project, requirement, and other surface details. They will carry out all the processes of recruitment and follow each step accordingly. This will save you a lot of time and bring to you the best and experienced talent to your company. These providers are all specialists in the field and know what kind of services you would need and will help you get the best from the myriad of options provided to you.

Staff augmentation to the rescue

1.   The costly process of hiring

The recruitment process involves too many procedures and steps, with the change in skill required for a particular job and the expansion of the company, new talents are needed to be hired. This can cost a huge amount, more than normal. It is said that it takes double the cost of a person’s salary to recruit that particular candidate.

In such a procedure where in house recruitment is carried on for full-time hiring, the cost is quite redundant and the cost needs to be taken care of for more than 1000 candidates. This can be a lot of money for small scale businesses.

Staff augmentation helps to hire the employees only when required and saves the cost of hiring to a significant amount.

2.   Time consuming hiring process

A company can get sudden projects where the requirement of candidates or people to carry out the job is much higher than that present currently in the company. In such a situation recruiting new candidates becomes tedious. Apart from that companies can face emergency firings, resignations, pregnancy leave, and other similar situations. During such a period it becomes necessary for the company to get candidates that can readily work.

Staff augmentation helps with getting this process done, service providers are often experts in getting such employment and have connections with hundreds of candidates. These candidates are already experienced and do not need separate training to start the work. This makes the work of the company easier and the process also shrinks in length saving a lot of time from the company’s side. It

3.   High turnover of employees

It was a matter of the past when candidates considered one job as more than enough and were sated with the incentives, pay scale, and other facilities they provide. This is not the case for modern employees. Many employees can leave a current job position if they receive a more prominent or good option. Employees are always looking for greater opportunities. A company cannot change according to employees as it is impossible to cater to the demands of all employees.

In such a situation staff augmentation helps the company compensate for such unexpected resignations on the side of the employee. They help in staffing a new employee with a similar or even better person in the position in a limited time frame. This helps to carry the work efficiently and the company does not need to stop the work due to the absence of the employee.

Staff augmentation is a fairly new concept and many companies are opting for this technique to fill the position, or to carry out a project temporarily. The process is quite advantageous and helps the company save two main components that are time and money. It also provides high-quality candidates and helps the company carry out certain work without breaking the workflow.

The process is relatively easier to opt for and shrinks the total time required for the recruitment process. This helps the companies focus more on important processes and leave the procedure of hiring on the shoulder of responsible staff augmentation service providers. If you own a company you must also try such a service and look for the benefits that it beings with it.

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