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High-Tech Features to Have in Your Modern Home

Emanuel E Pope

Today’s prospective homeowners are digital-savvy and want to incorporate high-tech features in their build. And why not? When you use sophisticated technology in every aspect of your life, your home and sanctuary should also have smart systems.

Fortunately, modern custom home builders in Calgary can create elegant spaces with ultra-modern convenience.

So, here are the top intelligent features to add to your home and enjoy the ambiance at the touch of a button:

Touch and Motion Activation
Whether it is motion-sensing light fixtures or high-tech bathroom faucets that switch on when you are close, these are some luxurious features that you must have. They come in top quality standards and innovative designs that seem futuristic and minimal, matching your exact tastes.

From electronic or motion-sensitive doors to remote control toilets, your custom builder can include these features. They bring improved ease and comfort levels to your home, and you feel like you are living the big life.

Multi-Room Controls
Custom homes in modern designs usually include entertainment spaces, like media and game rooms. When you host a party or a family night, it is more convenient if you can remotely control the devices in other rooms without having to get up.

Multi-room audio and visual controls allow you to change the settings from one control system. Whether it is the lighting, TV, music, smart thermostats, security cameras, alarms, or any other feature, you can program them per your preferences.

Eco-Conscious Additions
Modern homeowners are looking for more sustainable and green methods, whether it is in energy savings or home management. The added satisfaction of doing something towards saving the planet for future generations is beyond compare.

Hence, they chooseenvironmentally-friendly materials and equipment like high-efficiency pool pumps, HVAC units that consume less power, etc., to reduce their carbon footprint. You can likely ask your modern custom home builder and their designers to include native, low-maintenance, and drought-tolerant plants that need less amount of water in your landscape.

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Intelligent Kitchens and Bathrooms
Smart kitchens and cabinets blend into the home design, look minimal, and offer ample storage. High-tech and integrated appliances are smaller and quietly conceal themselves behind custom-designed cabinetry, while the spaces under the island can store heavy-duty equipment.

Spa-like master bathrooms with a steam room, custom vanity, walk-in showers, indoor plants to purify the air, and built-in seating are becoming standard. Ambient lighting with dimmer options and self-cleaning smart toilets with night lights add to the atmosphere. You can activate these features with voice technology – no need to flip a switch.

Automatic Window Blinds
Motorized blinds are the most suitable for modern homes with a lot of glass doors or floor-to-ceiling windows. You may also have etched decorative doors or special furnishings inside the home that need protection from the sun’s bright rays. Automatic, remote-controlled window blinds save energy, improve insulation, and add security.

Some devices connect to smoke detectors and can open immediately in the case of smoke. They are also classy-looking and blend into the home decor. Since they are noiseless and glide silently into place, you can use them in high-traffic areas also.

When you are building a modern home, it makes sense to consider current trends and incorporate at least a few of the above features. Make sure they flawlessly match your home, lifestyle, and tastes.

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