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Here’s the Last AR 15 Router Jig You’ll Ever Need

5D Tactical

You can go to a gun shop, subject yourself to regional shortages of firearms and ammo, then pay for a bunch of fees and wait hours (or days) for a NICS check to come back so you can become the proud owner of an AR-15.

Or, depending on where you live, you can make your own AR-15 at home, without the need for a background check, serialization, or to fill out paperwork or pay for any extra fees or taxes.

Just make sure that if you do make your own AR at home, you use a high-quality lower receiver blank and an equally high-quality AR 15 router jig.

Finishing Your Own Lowers with an AR 15 Router Jig?
If you’ve never “made” your own rifle at home, here’s what you need to know. Depending on the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction, you may be able to purchase what’s called an 80% lower or a receiver blank. This is a receiver that has not been completed and is solid where the fire control group (FCG) cavity should be; it also will lack trigger, hammer, and fire selector pin holes.

To complete one of these, you will need an AR router jig, which serves as a sort of template, a guide for your drill press that will ensure you finish the receiver according to precision tolerances.

But not all AR-15 router jigs are created equal. The Multiplatform Router Jig Pro, available at 5D Tactical, just might be the first and last AR-15 jig you ever need.

Versatile, Durable, Practical: Not Just an AR-15 Router Jig
The Multiplatform Router Jig Pro is capable of completing both billet and forged AR-15, AR-9, AR-45 and AR-10 lower receivers. This router jig is the most advanced model developed and can be purchased in AR-15/AR-9/AR-45 or AR-10/.308 only if you so choose, though these can be upgraded at a later date with a Jig Conversion Kit.

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Superior Design and Functionality
The Multiplatform Router Jig Pro is fast and easy to use. All you need to finish a receiver is a receiver blank, the Router Jig Pro, drill bits, and the ReadyMILLTM, a proprietary router-based milling tool.

This AR 15 router jig features heat-treated, hardened steel wear surfaces for superior durability, as well as an advanced router guide system with a router adapter and guide pins that ensure that the end mills do not touch the jig itself. It features a 1.25” thick drill guide and side plates with 1.5” hardened steel bushings.

Because the Router Jig Pro attaches to the same mounts on a lower that would be contacted by the upper receiver, it is universal for any AR-15, AR-9, AR-45, or AR-10 lower, regardless of the receiver material. In addition, the router jig makes it easy to center the lower by the front takedown and buffer tube extension, which guarantees properly aligned features. It’s the ultimate universal 80% lower jig.

This AR 15 router jig also features external milling templates for better visibility as well as an integrated depth gauge and vacuum attachment, to facilitate chip removal. It’s easy to assemble and just as easy to use.

Learn More at 5D Tactical
Interested in learning more about how you can finish your own rifle at home with a router jig like this? Visit 5D Tactical online at or contact them directly at sales@5DTactical or at 508-834-4223 to learn more.

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