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Five major causes of failure of the power system

Hardik Patel

Electrical power has become an indispensable aspect of modern life in less than two centuries. Our job, recreation, healthcare, economy, and way of life rely on a steady electricity supply. Even a brief absence of power can cause unrest, financial hardship, and even death.

Our cities rely on energy to function, and if the power grid were to go down, chaos would ensue. Power transformers manufacturers India outages can be very dangerous for life-support systems in hospitals and nursing homes or coordination facilities like airports, railway stations, and traffic control.

Fortunately, most life support centers include a backup power source ready to take over immediately if the main power grid fails. As our reliance on electronics and computers in our daily lives grows, backup power is being more widely employed in corporate facilities, manufacturing, mining, enterprises, and even residential homes.

 It’s critical to understand better the potential causes of power outages to protect ourselves and our businesses from the consequences. It is easier to ensure that proper protections are put in place once we have discovered everything that could go wrong. Here are a number of the more obvious, as well as some less obvious, causes of power outages:

Weather-related natural causes. 

According to the Edison Electric Institute, 70 percent of power outages in the United States are caused by weather. Natural weather events such as lightning, rain, snow, ice, wind, and even dust create numerous power outages. While protecting against big Power transformers manufacturers India outages caused by natural disasters such as floods and strong storms is more challenging, protecting your electrical systems from the impacts of water and dust is rather simple. Short circuits and power outages can be caused by water.

Water in electrical circuits may cause a lot of damage, so it’s a good idea to ensure you’re well protected against it. Water should be kept away from electrical switchboards, cables, and circuits. Excessive moisture and dampness can potentially cause catastrophic damage. If you reside in a humid environment, you might consider purchasing specially sealed circuit protection devices.

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Dust can also disrupt electrical systems, causing short circuits and power outages. If you reside in an area where dust or sandstorms are common, you should pay extra attention to the position of your electrical circuits and make sure they are as dust-free as possible. Sealed circuit boxes can also protect your vital electrical equipment and help you avoid accidental power outages.

Natural disasters have been the source of the world’s most severe power disruptions in the past. Hurricanes, floods, windstorms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other severe weather events can entirely damage key electrical infrastructure, resulting in outages that can last for days, weeks, or even months.

Animals are coming to contact with power lines.

 Large birds were responsible for 11% of outages in the United States. Manufactured outages, such as automobile and construction accidents with electrical poles and power lines, utility maintenance, and the occasional human error, were also major failures.

Several main topics are covered in further depth below for more information on some specific things that contribute to outages, common terminology used to describe various scenarios, and recommendations on things you can do to prevent failures:

Circuit Breakers. 

The most widely used term to describe the reason for a power outage is a short circuit. Unfortunately, it’s also a term that’s thrown around without any understanding of what it implies. So, what is a short circuit, and how can you prevent it from causing damage to your equipment?

A short circuit occurs when an electric current flows down a path not the intended one in an electrical circuit. There is an excessive electric current when this happens, which can cause circuit damage, fire, and explosion. Short circuits are one of the most common causes of electrical fires all over the world.

Short circuits happen for a variety of reasons.

When the insulation on the wiring used fails, short circuits might develop. It can also happen when an external conducting material (such as water) is accidentally put into the circuit. When electrical batteries are exposed to a strong current, they can explode. When electric motors are forced to function due to jammed moving parts, short circuits can occur. This can lead to an unnatural accumulation of current and, eventually, a short circuit.

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Safety & Prevention. 

 First and foremost, make sure that all of the equipment in your electrical system is made of high-quality materials and satisfies the applicable specifications. Although the initial installation costs may be more than for a system constructed of less expensive materials, the savings from eliminating possible losses due to short circuits and maintenance can be significant, not to mention the added safety and peace of mind.

Wires should always be of the best quality and the appropriate gauge for the job. It’s also important to remember not to overload wires and other electrical circuits. Electrical overload causes overheating, which causes the insulation to fail, resulting in a short circuit. An electric motor’s pumps, pistons, rotors, and other moving elements should be serviced and examined regularly to ensure that they are not jammed.

Power transformers manufacturers India in the event of a short circuit, high-quality fuses, circuit breakers, and other overload protection devices should be installed to ensure that power is rapidly withdrawn, preventing damage to sensitive equipment. When using circuit breakers, it’s also crucial to choose the right ones. Short circuits can also be caused by water. It’s important to keep all exposed circuits covered and protected from moisture.


A brownout occurs when the electrical Power transformers manufacturers India supply is interrupted. It gets its name because it creates a voltage drop, which causes lights to dim. Brownouts are not complete power outages, but they can cause damage to electrical equipment.

During a brownout, induction and three-phase electrical motors (those used in industrial diesel generators) are especially vulnerable to overheating and insulation damage. Suppose your primary power supply is unstable, and you frequently have brownouts. In that case, you should consider investing in a backup power system that will automatically take over and deliver the necessary power to your equipment when the voltage dips.


Blackouts are the most severe type of Power transformers manufacturers India outage since they completely lose power to a geographic area. Restoring power is frequently a hard process for utilities and power plants, depending on the fundamental cause of the blackout, and restoration timelines vary substantially depending on the configuration of the damaged electrical network. The following article discusses the importance of diesel generators during hurricanes and other weather-related disasters.

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Surges in Power. 

Any electrical system’s worst enemy is power spikes. A power surge can cause fast overheating and the loss of expensive and vital equipment. Surge protectors and circuit breakers, fortunately, are available to defend against such surges. Surge protection should, ideally, be built into the main power switchboard. Portable surge protection devices that plug into the electrical grid are an option for smaller settings with a limited number of important equipment items.

Trees with Electricity

Electrical treeing is a phenomenon that affects high-voltage power cables, transformers, and other high-power equipment. Any contaminants or mechanical flaws in the equipment used in high-voltage systems can result in partial electric discharges. Electrical treeing refers to the way the destructive process expresses itself in a tree-like form. If this phenomenon stays unnoticed for a long time, it might cause the equipment to degrade over time, eventually leading to a complete breakdown.

It is critical to select high-quality materials to handle the electric load to prevent electrical treeing. Electrical treeing can also be identified and corrected before it causes a severe failure with regular maintenance conducted by qualified professionals.


Electricity is essential to both society and business. The bulk of severe Power transformers manufacturers India outages are caused by weather. However, as demonstrated above, there is more to consider when constructing an electrical system than just weather. You should always seek the help of a certified electrician for any important systems, whether they are emergency or business-related. Always build a power generator as a strategy to ensure numerous levels of backup are in place for the best possible protection.

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