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Three Reasons Why Expedited Shipping Is Important For Your Online Store

expedited shipping
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Expedited shipping is a shipping option that promises quicker delivery times than standard shipping options as well as extra convenience. Small trucks with specially equipped machinery travel from point pick up to delivery without any stops in between, to meet urgent expedited shipping requests. The trucks make room for bigger items that cannot fit into the regular-sized trucks, and these usually include refrigerated items and electronics such as laptops. Most expedited shipping companies provide tracking of your package so you can always check where it is located and know when to expect your delivery.


Standard and expedited shipping services are available in more or less similar ways but on a grander scale. Express shipping involves a greater investment by the carrier, and this type of service is used interchangeably with both standard and freight shipping. Express delivery is normally made within a day or two of the time you place the order, whereas freight shipping may take more days. Likewise Express deliveries are subject to scheduled service interruptions due to emergencies, weather conditions, and other situations beyond the control of the shipper.

expedited shipping

There are three types of shipping carriers offering expedited shipping options; the most common are air freight and ocean freight. Although they are similar in many ways, there are important differences in their speed of delivery. Ocean freight can deliver to any part of the country or beyond, whereas air freight is limited to certain areas or within a very small area. Some air carriers offer faster shipping options than others. For instance, the trucking industry has developed a fairly fast and efficient route system, which uses driver stopovers for all shipments except the smallest deliveries.

Fulfillment Company

A third option that offers expedited shipping services is the use of a fulfillment company. This type of company is usually specializing in delivering goods quickly to either the customer’s location. Or the customer’s website, or both. This type of eCommerce fulfillment company also offers higher speed services than traditional warehouses. If you need fast shipping, then a fulfillment company may be the best solution for your business.

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A fulfillment company offers a number of services to help you with your online store fulfillment strategy. One of these services is an order tracking system. This system can be use to keep track of your orders. So that you can make sure that the order you received is in your inventory. It will also enable you to make sure that your order was deliver to the customer as quickly as possible. Many eCommerce fulfillment companies offer next-day delivery as well as same-day delivery in some cases.


Ordering software that includes an online inventory management system will allow you to keep track of all of your products so that you can order products quickly when you need them. One of the fastest ways to increase sales is to meet customers where they are. And by offering expedited shipping to your customers, you will also be meeting where they are. By offering a calm blanket or other gift items which are faster than normal delivery methods. You will increase the amount of impulse buys from your customers and therefore increase your sales.

expedited shipping

One of the problems with ordering online is knowing when your shipment will arrive. This problem is often solve by using an expedited shipping option. When you use this service, your package will be shipp out the next day after you place your order. Most of the time, you will also be given an additional day to make your adjustments to the product if needed. This is important because many eCommerce stores run on very tight deadlines. And by offering expedited shipping options. You will give your customers a reason to stay loyal to your business long after your initial customers have left.


An even better reason to use an expedited shipping option is that you will be providing. More than just two days of extra time for your customers. The additional time provided through these services can mean that your customers will have enough time to return the product, have the item double-checked, and then be able to return it right to you or the company’s fulfillment warehouses using specialized trucking. So not only will your customers feel great knowing that you did not rush their orders. But they will also be happy knowing that their items will be safely handle.

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