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Exclusive Café Interior Designs in Dubai

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A beautifully designed Cafe is the key to attracting customers as well as ensuring that they will have a good time while being at your cafe. An interior designer plays a vital role in this all so while choosing an interior design company you must pay attention.

AEAS interior designer:

AEAS is a team of professionals to provide architecture and engineering support while creating interior design.

What does Cafe Designer do?

  1. Interior designer does all things from selecting lights to furniture, colour themes and other accessories. These professionals provide the best fit out interior designs as an outcome. As a team, AEAS professionals make it the best support company in Dubai by delivering ideal settings in design for an unforgettable dining experience to the customers. Cafe interior designers provide the designs to provide customers with a good and comfortable environment. The designs include decor, food presentation, crockery, table setting and other elements.
  2. Like wall design, deciding seating arrangements, good and proper use of space and lights with other accessories.
  3. Less cost:
  4. One of its missions is to provide you best cafe design within the said and lowest budget.

What AEAS offer in Dubai?

  1. Measurement plan
  2. The installation plan of screens, constructions and finishing
  • The furniture arrangement plan
  • Plan of doorways
  • Floor plan (with a selection of materials).
  • The plan of the ceiling and sectional ceilings
  • The layout of lighting equipment
  • Scheme for connecting lighting equipment
  • The layout of outlets
  • Elevation of all rooms
  • 3D visualization of premises


  • BIM Services
  • BIM Modelling Services
  • Point Cloud to BIM
  • BIM Clash Detection & Resolution
  • BIM Level of Development (LOD)
  • BIM Rendering Walkthrough Services
  • Construction Drawings
  • Quantity takes off (BOQ)
  • CAD Services
  • As-built Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Tracing from Google earth
  • Construction Drawings.
  • Design Services
  • Concept Design
  • Design and Development
  • Schematic Design
  • 3d visualization

Why choose AEAS for cafe interior design?

It has provided various cafe & restaurant interior designs in UAE and is among the best architects and engineer support in Dubai. It comprises a team of professionals who ensure quality work and can make the brand most compelling. We create solutions without making them too expensive.

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