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Everything You Should Know About Fuel Credit Cards

Ranjeet Kumar

Fuel credit cards allow you to save money and make payments more manageable at fuel stations. A fuel credit card is a blessing for people who regularly commute using their vehicles.

Advantages of Best Fuel Credit Cards

If you make fuel payments through a fuel credit card, you will be entitled to a waiver on fuel surcharge. Apart from this, the best fuel credit cards offer the following benefits:

  • Earn reward points that you can use later for refilling fuel.
  • Avail of discounts and cashback schemes
  • Accelerated rewards that have no expiry date
  • Allow you to book movie tickets.
  • Provide you exclusive concierge services.
  • Allow you to make payments of utility bills.
  • A waiver on joining fee
  • Offer a waiver on the annual fee if you make transactions beyond a threshold level.
  • Assure you zero liability in case of any foul play in your account.

To take maximum advantage of the fuel credit card, you should know how to use a fuel credit card wisely.

Factors to Consider Before Applying for Fuel Credit Card

If you’ve decided to obtain a fuel credit card, first of all, check whether you meet the eligibility criteria of card issuers. Remember, you need an excellent credit score to secure the best fuel credit card.


The first thing you must check is the benefits that the card offers. The best fuel credit card offers benefits not only in fuel refill but also in other categories like shopping, dining, travel, etc. Check how much you can save in a month using a fuel card.

Repayment Pattern

The next factor on which you should focus is the repayment pattern of the card. The best fuel credit card offers you a competitive interest rate and an easy repayment option.

Joining Fee

Some card issuers offer a free joining while others take a fee from you for it.

Annual Fee

Check how much yearly fee the card issuer charges from you. A higher charge may offset the benefits you get through the card. The best fuel credit card offers a waiver in annual fee if you make transactions through the card beyond a certain amount.

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Surcharge Waiver

Don’t forget to check the conditions to avail of the surcharge waiver like minimum and maximum transaction amount, the maximum waiver you can enjoy in a month, etc.

Upper Cap on Rewards

Almost every fuel credit card has an upper cap on the rewards you can avail of in a month. Check which card gives you the highest benefits in a month at the lowest fees.

Credit Limit

The credit limit of your fuel credit card should remain at your repayment capacity. Otherwise, you may overspend, and soon you may find yourself in hefty debt.

Redemption Policies

The best fuel credit card should have an easy reward redemption policy. Most of the cards allow you to redeem the points instantly at the fuel station; however, a few cards take a reward redemption fee from customers. So, consider this while selecting a fuel credit card.

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Participating Companies

Check whether you can use the fuel credit card only at the fuel station of a particular company or at all fuel stations located anywhere in the country.

Over-limit fee

Usually, the over-limit facility is available with fuel credit cards. But, you must check how much the card issuer charges for this benefit.

Other Factors

Other factors you should check before finalizing the best fuel credit card are late payment fees, grace period, card replacement charges, foreign currency transaction fees, cash advance limit, balance transfer processing charges, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for a Fuel Credit Card

Any Indian citizen, both salaried as well as self-employed, can apply for a fuel credit card and the minimum age limit is 18. To secure a fuel card, you should meet the income criteria of the issuer, and different issuers have a different set of criteria. Also, you must have a superior credit score to obtain the best fuel credit card.

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Documents Required to Apply for a Fuel Credit Card

  • Income proof (salary slip/ form 16)
  • PAN card
  • Address proof
  • ID proof

Different Ways to Apply for a Fuel Credit Card

Both online and offline modes are available for fuel credit card applications.

If you intend to apply offline, then visit the nearby office of the fuel credit card issuer of your choice, along with the necessary documents. At the issuer’s office, an executive will assist you in checking your eligibility and applying for the best fuel credit card.

On the other hand, if you apply online, visit the issuer’s official website and register yourself using your phone number or email id. You may receive an OTP to validate your registration.

After successful registration, fill the necessary forms, upload the required documents, and check your eligibility. You’ll get the best fuel credit card if you fulfill all the eligibility norms of the issuer.

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