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Everpure H1200: A Water Filter System You Can Count on

Krish Moorthy

Everybody deserves to have water in their lives, especially water that is easily accessible, clean to drink and wash with, and worry-free. However, not everybody has that luxury, especially not in their homes or in their offices. There is still a wide range of areas and locations–even in Western countries– that lack clean running water.

That is where water filter systems can come in and save the day. They typically can be easy to install, and they are able to provide you with purified and filtered water right in your own home or other convenient location you frequent.

However, not all water filter systems are created equal. Everpure is by far the best option out there for a number of reasons, including low cost, high filtration efficiency, number of systems, and so much more. Yet, there is one system in particular from this reputable brand that stands out amongst them all: Everpure H1200.

Low Cost
When you purchase this particular system from Efilters, one of the most reputable carriers of Everpure systems, filter cartridges, and other products, the cost to you will be overall worth the expenditure.

The Everpure H1200 system costs $428. This price is excellent, as most water filter systems cost far above this amount– even above $1,000! Plus, the replacement cartridges need to be changed only once annually and cost $124.75 for a package of two.

High Efficacy
Who said low cost means low performance? This is simply not the case with this system. It can filter out a slew of impurities and harmful substances that you find in your water, such as:

● Chlorine odor and taste
● Lead
● Cysts, such as Giardia lamblia and Cryptosporidium parvum
● Particulates, such as sulfides, manganese, and oxidized iron
● Mold, algae, dirt, cloudiness
● Volatile organic chemicals
● Methyl Tertiarybutyl Ether
● Chloramines

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If you are looking for a system that efficiently filters harmful chemicals and other contaminants, then this is certainly your best bet.

Certified by the NSF
The NSF, or the National Sanitation Foundation, is a not-for-profit corporation that is responsible for ensuring that the claims made by water filtration systems manufacturers are true and valid. They are a third party that tests these systems and certifies them appropriately.

This corporation is recognized and trusted by worldwide health officials, as they take pride in its thoroughness and credibility.

For drinking water specifically, they have two standards in which they use to certify water filter systems. They have Standard 42, which is “Aesthetic Effects,” and Standard 53, which is “Health Effects.” Each of the drinking water standards with the NSF considers various elements.

Fortunately, the H1200 system from Everpure has been certified by the NSF for meeting both of these standards efficiently. This means that, when you do add this system to your home, office, or other location, you can rest assure that you will have clean water you can drink and use in various ways worry-free.

Admirable Specifications
It is no secret that a lot of water filter systems on the market today have some not-so-inviting specifications. Some have a low flow rate, have a low number of gallons per minute, and other such negative specs. Fortunately, the Everpure H1200 has plenty of features to flaunt:

● 1,000 gallon capacity
● ½ gallon per minute flow rate
● .50 microns rating

If you are curious about more of its unique features, check out the H1200 spec sheet from Efilters.

Where Can You Buy It?
Are you ready to supply your residence or office location with the best water filter system on the market? Then be sure to purchase your Everpure H1200 with Efilters. They have plenty of knowledge on the subject of clean water, so be sure to give them a call at 1-866-283-9919 with any questions you may have!

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For more information about Everpure Water Filter and Everpure Water Filtration Please visit: Efilters.

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