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Essential Security and Safety Guide for Businesses with Trellidor

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The surge in looting cases is a sharp reminder of how vulnerable some businesses are to criminal activities. Another factor is that, according to crime statistics, most business crimes are committed by thieves who smash doors, windows, or locks and these crimes are on the rise. Suspects commit frequent business thefts at the same location, and their target is computer equipment, machinery, cash, jewellery, cell phones, tools, and other valuables. 

Security should be a top priority for everyone, whether it’s for your house or your business. One of the most common security solutions for protection from attackers is to install security gates with an aluminum frame. You can use security gates to protect both your personnel and your physical assets from robbers. In addition, it will not only provide you with peace of mind but also give your company a more professional appearance.

Best Way to Make Your Business Safe With Trellidor

Making Business Safe with Trellidor

Choosing the best security gates for your business can be a difficult task because you don’t always know where to begin or if you can trust the brand’s promises of safety. Fortunately, Trellidor has a wide range of security gates that can keep intruders out. Here are simple ways to make your business safe with Trellidor:

Automated roller shutters

High-quality automated roller shutters are incredibly sturdy security gates. They lock into place once rolled down and are tough to force back up. They can be used to secure entries to offices and retail stores, stock storage rooms, medical clinics, etc. 

Trellidor Rollerstyle Shutters are composed of aluminium frames and may be installed almost anywhere. 

Window security screens for protection

Security screens are transparent but robust enough to deflect missiles. Use them to protect the building’s windows and workers, and prevent break-ins after work hours. The Trellidor Clear Guard is a woven stainless-steel panel. It has an aluminium frame on all four sides to create a clean, sturdy barrier that provides exceptional protection.

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Because Clear Guard is appealing and blends in with any décor motif chosen for premium buildings, it is a suitable choice for public spaces of commercial buildings. To match the colour scheme, the aluminium frame can be powder coated.

Sliding gates to control access

Because we can customise them to protect almost any entrance or window, retractable security gates are perfect for commercial properties. Depending on your choice and area, Trellidor makes them out of steel or aluminium. 

Sliding gates can be custom designed for exceptionally high and broad openings, curved doorways such as revolving entrances, very wide openings such as those seen in huge retail shops, regular size front or rear doors, and windows of all sizes.

Because the gates slide open, we can use them as an emergency escape route in the event of a fire, a hostile break-in, or even a hostage situation.

Burglar proofing with cottage guard

Cottage Guard is a burglar-proofing system for windows that is especially effective in commercial settings. A robust, four-sided aluminium frame adds to the strength of these burglar bars. It is secured to the substrate surrounding the window rather than the window frame.

Each Cottage Guard unit is custom-built for the window and installed by a technician to ensure that the system is secure and reliable in the event of an attack.

Use it to protect the display windows that front the street; windows off-street at the back of the store where criminals could sneak in unnoticed; and staff and public restroom windows, often small but allow a convenient getaway for robbers.

Cottage Guard is the finest solution for windows that would otherwise allow burglars easy access to products and windows on each side of retail shopping areas or shop front doors.

Fixed Security gates

Fixed security gates are burglar bars, not gates, and do not open. They’re meant to look like sliding security gates, but they’re secured in place with custom-made tamper-proof fittings that make it tough for burglars to breakthrough. 

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The fact that these security bars have an aluminium frame on all four sides adds to their strength. It also provides protection for windows as well as non-opening doors such as patio doors or door-sized windows. When fixed security gates are created, they include built-in strengthening measures that provide maximum security for low to high-risk sites. There are various solutions to pick from, like retractable security gates, based on your preferences, security risk profile, and financial constraints.


You’ve invested a lot of money in your company, and we want you to be able to fully protect it at all costs. Investing in a security gate will be a great place to start when it comes to securing your business from potential intruders. Trellidor can assist you with your security needs and determine which security gate is appropriate for your business.

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