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Distinguishing Aspect About White Papers Translation

Tim Drave

White papers are issued by companies as informational documents containing details about products or services that they intend to offer. These documents usually consist of 3,000 to 5,000 words containing financial, technical and other crucial details. A white paper intends to provide in-depth and detailed information about the concerned topic. Considering the sensitive nature of the texts, white paper translation services is always suggested to be done by certified experts. In this context, technology-based translations are not trusted due to limited accuracy.

Even the most reckoned translators like Google can’t be trusted in this regard. Specifically, when these papers have contextual details or cultural references, the tools cited above fail completely. The below abstracts explore more reasons behind the importance of these translations being done by humans.

Why machine translations don’t work for white papers translation services?

White papers translation is always advised to be done by humans or certified translators only. This is essential, no matter the document submitted is for government or private sector. Noteworthy here is that translators or interpreters at top global conferences are always humans.

Human translators are also there at the United Nations. No machine or technology-based translators are there. White papers are vital material as it can attract a massive pool of investors across the globe. Not just financial, but important technical aspects are cited there as well. Therefore, accuracy must be 100% when it comes to white paper translations.

Significance of white paper translation services for ICO launch

Considering the significance of white paper translations, demand for white papers translation services has grown immensely. To make the initial coin offering (ICO) successful, it is always advised for the business group to increase the reach. Businesses aim at targeting the maximum possible number of investors.

Carrying such significant importance for the business groups, ICO white paper translation is always entrusted to experts. After all, it is important to translate into different languages for the ultimate success of ICO launch. The document needs to be translated into the language of the concerned community. Not any regular translator, but only those with experience translating ICO white papers are taken into account.

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Importance of industry experience for white papers translation services

One can’t simply be a white paper translator with the ability to speak in the source language and target language. White paper translators need to possess considerable academic qualifications and industry experience. They must have adequate knowledge in the concerned service segment.

For example, someone translating the documents regarding defense deals need to possess outstanding knowledge in that domain. They may not be appropriate without a proper military background. Someone simply having linguistic skills can’t fit in these positions.

Similarly, a translator doing business white papers translation needs to be aware of business terminologies. Needless to say that the machine or technology-based translators can’t do these jobs. Above all, no matter it’s about government papers or private papers, the white paper translators need to be aware of pivotal terminologies.

On a concluding note, white papers translation is much more than just replacing one word with the other. Thus, it is important to hire the specialists carrying immense experience in the concerned industry.

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