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Discover What Self Care Really Looks Like With Pursoma

Jeannie Jarnot

We often take the health of our minds and bodies for granted and put ourselves too far in an effort to stay on top of things. In reality, the best thing you can do to be productive, is to know when to slow down. Giving yourself the time you need to refocus and take care of yourself can prove highly beneficial down the line as you feel better, produce higher quality work, and avoid burnout. The all natural brand, Pursoma, encourages this sort of behavior and tries to foster the mindset of self care by providing you with one way that you can treat yourself to a break. Their sea salt bath soaks are amazing for the mind and body and help to support your overall wellness, long after you hop out and towel off. This clean bath and body brand creates the most luxurious, comforting sea salt soaks, all with carefully selected natural ingredients like French grey sea salt and wild-harvested seaweed. These soaks are designed to provide you with physical and mental benefits that you might notice right away. If you have been neglecting your self care routine recently, Pursoma can help you to find your pacing again and make sure you are treating yourself properly with long, soothing sea salt soaks.

Relax & Destress
Taking a soak in sea salts regularly can help you to relax and unwind after all of the stress you had to deal with throughout the week. A soak can be soothing for both the mind and body, giving you a much-needed break. Being able to take the time for yourself just to relax is already a great benefit to your state of mind, and allows you to just relax as your body enjoys the health benefits of soaks. Sea salt soaks are known to help with rheumatic conditions which affect your joints, muscles, and bones. It can reduce inflammation, which eases discomfort and pain naturally. It stimulates blood circulation, helping in your overall health and comfort as well. These effects are especially comforting after physical stress occurs such as surgery, intense exercise, muscle spasms, or menstrual cramps. All of this can also contribute to a much better night’s sleep as well since you get to go to bed calm and with a more relaxed body.

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Gentle Moisture to the Skin
Your skin can greatly enjoy the moisturizing effects of a good salt soak any time of year because of the hydrating benefits that come with it. Weekly soaks can help to improve the skin’s barrier and cleanse it of impurities like dead skin cells which can create a rougher feeling to the skin with a more dull complexion. These soaks are often recommended to those dealing with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, which require a gentle touch. Your sensitive skin might appreciate the gentle boost of moisture as it rests in a Pursoma salt soak.

It is better to start a self care routine sooner rather than later, so you can avoid building up all of the stress and tension that occurs over time. Using the sea salt soaks from Pursoma is just one way that you can get into maintaining a consistent self care routine. It is easy to get into and does not require anything more than a bathtub filled with warm water and the salts of your choice. You can find different types of Pursoma salt soaks available online at, all ready to help you recover and soothe your health holistically. Explore each of their options online and see which ones are best suited for helping you get your self care routine back in order.

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