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Different Types of Custom Rigid Boxes to Choose for a Successful Product Display

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You will find a massive variety in the box packaging designs if you see them inside the packaging of rigid boxes market. In this way, you don’t need to adjust the box packaging. But still, you need to look for the one according to your product dimensions.

Apart from overall sizes, the next major element to pay attention to is the finishing of the material. Rigid Boxes are available in various material choices according to their durability level. Hence, this includes cardboard, rigid, or Kraft. The rigid material is in demand due to its lightweight nature for easy transportation. Some of the packaging companies even look for pinewood material for extra durability.

Importance of Using Rigid Material for Packaging Process

As we have already mentioned, the lightweight nature of the rigid material has made it a favorite. But at the same time, corrugate has foldable nature, enabling you to transform it into any shape. Plus, you will also find them to be eco-friendly. Another primary purpose of using corrugate is its recyclable nature.

You can hence easily reuse them in the future time for various purposes. They are not at all harmful to nature due to their environment-friendly nature. Hence, they have durability, which is unbeatable. They know how to protect the product from any damage or crack during shipping. It knows how to withstand easily in harsh conditions to maintain the product quality.

Guide on Different Types of Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes

Custom rigid packaging boxes are available in different shapes and designs. You can often choose to select with those which are accessible as in various types as well. Hence, you can consider selecting the one which suits your product needs and dimension. You don’t need to all worry about the overall prices because such boxes are always available at affordable costs.


They are as an alternative wrapped with paper that may be as simple or deluxe as desired. Inflexible containers, as the call indicates, are inflexible and robust. Think about the classic “shoe field”. However, they will revel in existing packaged in a rigid container, when you have ever sold a pleasant twosome of shoes or heels. Board video games are every other conventional exemplification of rigid box packaging. Iphones and other excessive- cease electronics use inflexible bins, as do multiplex splendor and excessive-end meals products and spirits, just to name a couple of. Inflexible container packaging is not really about luxury. It could (and must) be considered in lieu of a folding carton whilst protection and period throughout transport and the continuously difficult retail surroundings are predominant factors. Similarly, within the consumer’s domestic, where repeated use and depository of the product inside the box is an asset, inflexible bins will add fees for your customers.
Now without wasting any single time, let’s get into the discussion of few most common types of rigid boxes available in the market:

  1. Sliding drawer style

This is such a unique style of box that looks simple as well. You can use this box style primarily for packing the match sticks. But you can also use this box style for wrapping ties or watch accessories. It lacks in the window outlook, which is its major drawback. But still, it is favorable to use for a distinct product representation.

  1. Display custom boxes  

The next most crucial type of box type is display rigid boxes! You will hence find its everyday use in almost all industries. For instance, it is hence visible for packing chocolate or for sweet items. The front side of the custom shoe boxes is not covered correctly, so you can somehow easily pick the item from it. You won’t find its regular use in the homes. It is one such box style that does not require enough space.

  1. Rigid boxes for the Jewelry

You will find a major use of the rigid customised box in the jewelry section. To easily display your jewelry perfectly, it is much essential to give its packaging a great and unique look. The use of such boxes will enable your jewelry to stay protected during shipping. You can even choose to customize the box according to your fragile product requirements.

They are never taken to be harmful to nature because of their environment-friendly nature. A classy and straightforward rigid box can look equally best. But having it printed with some royal images will look extraordinary.

  1. Rigid boxes for the bakery

Plus, you will find an enormous use of rigid boxes in bakery stores. For displaying your food creatively, you can make the most acceptable use of packaging boxes. Bakers even use it for displaying cookies or cake products.


You will also find the boxes’ enormous use for packaging the cupcakes or other bakery items. Hence, this will eventually help your food product stay safe and fresh in taste.

  1. Gift custom boxes

Have you ever witnessed the use of rigid boxes for packaging gift items? You should add your box packaging with vibrant and multi-color shades of colors for gift purposes.

You can have it finished with some advanced printing techniques. Hence, this can be UV Spot, matte, or offset printing. This is how you can give the whole gift packaging an outstanding finishing.


So this was all about how the Custom Rigid Boxes have made themselves the king of the packaging market. Their higher popularity is the diversity of designs and the box types they are hence available with. Pick the versatile and best type of rigid boxes for a better display of your product on the retail shelf. It’s time to give your product an astounding look.

It would hence help if you looked for the box design that suits your product needs and customer requirements and goes into your budget. Make sure you simply present something unique and extra creative for the customer to grab their entire attention. As cited formerly, the rigid box has so more than one variation that it might be almost not possible to list all of them; upload on top of that a plethora of feasible extras along with structures, booths, magnetic closures, home windows, ribbon pulls, handles, and so on. However, the above examples have to give you an idea of the commonplace essential styles.

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