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What is primarily Custom Kraft Boxes made to order

Luther Altone

Custom Kraft Boxes

Custom Kraft boxes have a wood-like structure and allow for customization. When we tailor these boxes to our customers’ orders, we make sure to take accurate measurements for precision. Our material ranges from 10pt to 28pt and assists our clients in meeting their packaging objectives at a reasonable cost. Our Custom Kraft Boxes is made entirely of recyclable materials.

What services do we provide as a Custom Kraft Boxes Manufacturer?

1. Product-specific finishing

Every order we receive includes a request for style and functionality. We concentrate on the product’s requirements. As a result, we’ve added a variety of finishing touches, such as ribbon tabs in contrasting colours to help pull off the lids and adorn the packaging. We also offer customised buttons for a splash of colour and as an embellishment, thumb notch for a clean design look and ease of product access, and perforation for attractive design and easy access. It can also convert a box into a display box and tear strip, among other things.

2. Post-production to delivery

We are as picky about post-production tasks as we are about material, design, and layout. According to the order specifications, the Custom Printed Kraft Boxes require precise scoring, die-cutting, and pasting, among other things. Once completed, the order is delivered within the standard delivery timeline of ten to twelve days, beginning with the client’s confirmation date. We also provide rush services for urgent deliveries.

3. Order confirmation benefits

Customers who place confirmed Kraft boxes wholesale orders receive numerous benefits. During the printing process, they are not charge for die and plates. For standard deliveries, confirmed orders are delivered against free shipping. This package also includes free design assistance. Upon confirmation, a digital, 3D sample with artwork is also sent to them free of charge.

4. Constant virtual assistance

We understand that meeting on a regular basis is impossible due to our clients’ hectic schedules. As a result, we’ve made ourselves available to answer all of your questions via our website. Use it to contact your assigned account manager and inquire about the status of your order. Remember, we are here to help you understand any industrial jargon you may be unfamiliar with.

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5. Reasonably priced services

We have a printing and design facility staffed by a team of experts who are available around the clock to take on any packaging challenge. It has saved us from the hassles of outsourcing and has enabled us to provide better value to our clients. We do our best not to turn down any orders due to the clients’ budget allocation.

6.Green coatings for custom Kraft packaging

Aqueous coating and soft-touch are two eco-friendly options. Aqueous coating is water-base and comes in matte and gloss finishes. Soft-touch is also environmentally friendly and is use on packaging boxes to enhance colours and make the surface soft and free of glare and fingerprints.

7. Embossing and debossing –

Add 3D appeal to your logos by embossing or debossing the surface on which Kraft Boxes are printed. For added depth, combine them with colour or add-ons.

Custom Kraft Boxes Come in a Variety of Styles

Fast Custom Boxes offers the following types of custom Kraft boxes:

1. Kraft shelf and counter display boxes

Using our Custom Kraft Boxes wholesale and Playing Card Boxes, you can make your products more accessible to your customers. Choose boxes that can be display on retail counters, never to be overlooked on the shelves again. They are also design in multiple tiers to accommodate more stock and layouts such as pop-up display boxes (with attached lids). We use Kraft in sizes ranging from 10pt to 28pt for this packaging, which is appropriate for medium to small SKUs.

2. Kraft boxes with lids

Go ahead and choose printing on both sides of the lids. Print your brand storey and connect with your target audience. Use this space to print recipes if you own a food and beverage company. This space is frequently use by feminine brands to educate women about breast cancer awareness. The inner lids are print with instructions for self-examination as well as helpful information links to breast cancer websites, etc. It’s a great way to reach out to more women in an unobtrusive manner.

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3. Kraft boxes with windows

These are use for items that need to be displayed and inspected prior to purchase. Some organic kraft soap boxes include a window cut-out to allow customers to smell their soaps before purchasing. Some people call this window patching because they cover the cut-outs with PVC sheets.

4. Kraft boxes with logos

To outperform the competition and increase the appeal of your product’s packaging, highlight your logos with foiling. This type of feature elevates the product packaging to a whole new level and gives it a boost.

Custom Kraft packaging is use in a variety of industries.

Are you looking for design options that are both clean and green? Purchase kraft sleeve boxes for your goods. This material is use for both the sliding drawer and the sleeve. With the addition of a window patching feature, these boxes can be transform into kraft cupcake boxes, kraft apparel boxes, kraft beard oil boxes, kraft candles boxes, and so on.

Experiment with different layouts to find the perfect kraft stationery boxes for your brand! When choosing them, make sure to include the logo and brand name so that your target audience remembers you. For added appeal, add a window-cut-out add-on.

As a seasoned market participant, we understand how to create Kraft boxes with handles and brand them all the way to the grips. Gable boxes are use as kraft burger boxes for combo meals, kraft coffee gift boxes, kraft jewellery boxes, and kraft popcorn boxes.

Additionally, We create krafts holders for our clients who want to make it easier for their customers who want to grab a burger or a donut on the go. Choose from our o-shape or hexagonal-shape Kraft burger and donut holders with branding and product information. Don’t forget to include kraft fries cones with your burger packaging.

The majority of our clients, who are leather-based brands, request kraft shoeboxes. It is a winning custom packaging solution for them, reflecting their eco-friendly market reputation. It also emphasises their professionalism and expertise, as the rugged appearance complements their branding themes.

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