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Current PING Golf Shaft Frustrating You? One of These Attributes May Be the Reason

Matt Welch

Golf is a precision sport where every piece of equipment is engineered and then re-engineered several times over in order to deliver the best performance possible. That sort of dedication to quality is evident in PING golf club heads, which stand on a history of excellence.

As great as they are, you might still be playing with the wrong PING golf shaft. Here are some signs you might need to do better.

Your Current PING Golf Shaft Is Too Long or Short
Are you suffering from a lot of fat or thin shots, and you’re convinced it’s not your form that’s causing them?

Instead of putting your swing on a diet, look to the shaft. It may be the reason that you’re not making consistent contact with the golf ball.

If your shaft is too long, you may notice that your shots fly a little too high, that your shaft feels to heavy, or that you have trouble making contact with the ball, often hitting it near the toe of the club head.

Conversely, if the shaft is too short, it may seem like your shots slice out to the right or that you feel “slumped” over trying to reach the ball.

Luckily, whatever the case, it’s easy to work with a golf professional to take your measurements and size your clubs properly.

Too Heavy (or Too Light)
Golf shaft weight is another factor impacting performance. If your shafts are too heavy, it may seem to you that the “feel” is off or that you can’t achieve the swing speeds you’d like. You may also notice that ball flight is low, and accuracy or distance is inhibited.

It’s a little bit harder to draw a bead on golf shafts that are too light, but if you’re seeing issues with consistency in contact or ball flight, these can both be signs.


Just like shaft length, it’s relatively easy to make adjustments to shaft weight to ensure that your shafts meet your needs. Simply work with a professional for golf club fitting services.

Shaft Flex Poorly Matched to Your Abilities
One of the most important attributes of a golf shaft is the flex, or how much it “bends” and “loads” with energy during the swing. Selecting a shaft with the proper flex for your swing is essential.

If your shaft is too stiff, it may feel like the shaft is unresponsive. Also, players with slower swing speeds may have trouble squaring the club face at the point of impact, adversely affecting energy transfer, distance, and accuracy.

On the other hand, shafts that are too flexible may be too “whippy” to experienced players with higher swing speeds. A stiffer shaft is generally suitable for higher swing speeds whereas more flexible shafts are complementary to golfers with slower swing speeds, all else being equal.

Kick Point Is Too Low
Another factor that is tied to shaft flex is kick point, or how high or low on the shaft, it seems to bend. Shafts with high kick points seem to flex higher up toward the shaft grips and feel like one piece. Shafts with lower kick points are usually more flexible and flex closer to the midsection or the club head.

It’s important to note that the higher the kick point, the flatter and lower the ball flight will be, whereas the lower the kick point, the higher of an arc in ball flight the shaft will produce.

Find a Better PING Golf Shaft at Dallas Golf Company!
Still convinced it’s your PING golf shaft that’s to blame for shot errors and poor consistency? It may be, and there’s something you can do with it. Visit Dallas Golf Company online at and use their online golf shaft fitting tool to find a new shaft, or visit them in-store.

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At their shop in Dallas, Texas, you can meet with their professionals for club fitting services so you can choose a driver and shaft that will provide you with the proper launch loft and shaft flex, enabling you to achieve the proper launch, angle, and spin rate.

Questions about their shafts or shaft fitting protocol? Give them a call at 800-955-9550 and get it straight from the source!

For more information about Titleist Driver Shafts and Golf Bags Custom Please visit: Dallas Golf Company Inc.

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