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Tips to Effectively Package and Ship Your Cupcakes

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Mouthwatering scrumptious cupcakes are truly a joy to munch on. These delicacies look so incredibly cute and delicious that one can’t keep their hands off them. However to make these cupcake boxes look so tempting, and to generate great business revenues by cupcake sales at bakeries, effective packaging and shipping techniques are used.

Previously effective cupcake packaging was kept on a hush, in fact, even now successful business companies won’t tell you the secrets to good cupcake packaging techniques but you don’t need to worry about that anymore! Here we have revealed some of the most effective tips and techniques to effective and shipping and packaging of cupcakes so you know the hacks too!

Make that packages stand out!

Cupcake boxes need a lot of innovation and creativity to customize them into something perfect. Custom printed cupcakes boxes add a fantastic visual appeal to the cupcake packaging as it needs to be firm and tough, must look appealing, and yes, of course, be able to maintain the freshness of the cupcake.  Take note of a few tips here to see how it works!

Use cardboard Boxes

This is both cost-effective and environment-friendly! This certainly means it is more convenient for you. If you are looking for custom printed cardboard boxes to package your cupcakes, cardboard or Kraft material is ideal for this purpose as it is compatible with various kinds of printing techniques which make the cupcake boxes beautiful and unique.

Plastic clear boxes

Clear boxes have two advantages, firstly they look clean, and secondly, they are excellent in presenting the cupcakes as fresh plus it looks attractive. You can simply label these boxes with your company’s logo.

Takeout Boxes

Now, these boxes are very handy because they are easy to carry. These boxes are made out of cardboard which is cost-effective and ensures safe transport of the cupcakes without getting smashed or the icing getting bad.

 Effective Tips to ship cupcakes

Once you are done on the packaging side, the next step is to ship them, but actually this is more painstaking than the packaging itself. Shipping cupcakes need attention as they are fragile to handle. Whenever you ship, you should be considering the following things:

A shallow Container

Always use shallow containers for shipping these small treats so that they do not fall out and the lid doesn’t touch the icing of the cupcake. Shallowness also ensures stability.

Roasting pans

Roasting pans are usually disposable so basically, you deliver the cupcakes directly in the roasting pan so that the topping or the freshness is never compromised.

Quality Boxes

Your box should either be a tough cardboard or plastic box as it resists any pressure and keeps the sweet treats from being squashed. These boxes are also available with cupcake holders which hold cupcakes in place to help from toppling in the box.

Moreover, cupcake boxes wholesale is an option to try. Custom Cupcake Boxes in wholesale save up a ton of money and cut down on the shipping costs.  If you deliver cupcakes in bulk, it is sure to generate great revenues and is easy to design too! So whether you run a bakery or home business, effective packaging and shipping tips can always save you a lot of money and enhance your brand. If the shipping is fast and on time, you will never get customer complaints and in fact, your cupcakes will always be on demand!

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