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How Much Will It Cost to Relocate 2BHK from Delhi to Gurgaon?

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House shifting from Delhi to Gurgaon consumes a lot of time and means as well. People who don’t have adequate time and skills, opt for hiring professional packers and movers from Delhi to Gurgaon. But those who are moving on a low budget, DIY their move. 

The household transportation cost from Delhi to Gurgaon bothers many. Thus, they follow a DIY process. Well, before you decide the mode of your move, you should know how much it will cost you to relocate your 2BHK goods from Delhi to Gurgaon. Only then, you can know which transportation mode will be better for you.

Gurgaon is not too far from Delhi, hence, you can opt for a DIY move. Or, you can hire packers and movers in Delhi for partial shifting services. This way you can save money and transport your belongings without any hassles.

If you want to know how much will it cost to relocate your 2BHK house from Delhi to Gurgaon then it’s quite tough to tell the exact figure because the moving cost varies due to various scenarios.

2BHK House Shifting Charges from Delhi to Gurgaon

DIY 2BHK House Shifting Charges

If you are doing it yourself then you will have to consider a few expenses to know the total moving cost.

Packing materials costs

Even though you are moving to a short distance place yet you should pack all your belongings for their safety. And even if you will not pack every item, you will need a few to pack the fragile ones. For this, you will be needing carton boxes, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, packing tape, etc. These will cost you around Rs. 1000-2000.

Labor charges

Packing the goods may be easy for you but not loading and unloading the heavy items like fridge, furniture, almirah, etc. Hence, you will need a few laborers to load and unload goods. For 2BHK household goods, you will require 3 laborers. And a laborer charges Rs 500 -1000. So, for three laborers you will have to pay around Rs. 1500 – 3000.

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Transportation cost

To transport your goods you will need a vehicle. Ignore transporting your goods by your car. You can carry a few bags and small goods in your car, which can reduce the weight of the shipment you are going to transport by a transport agency. Rent a truck from a logistics and transport company in Delhi. They will provide you with a truck selected by you with a driver, who will drive your belongings from the source to the destination.

Truck rental charges depend on the type of truck and its size you have hired. Also, they will estimate the cost based on the distance between the source and the destination. Transport companies have a base fare for truck rental service which ranges from Rs. 800 – 2000. Apart from that, the distance and the time will be considered to determine the cost.

Some charge you per kilometer basis, while some cost per hour basis. So, truck rental charges from Delhi to Gurgaon. They charge Rs 14-15 per kilometer. And also charge approx. Rs. 500 per hour.

Considering all these things you can find out how much it will cost you to transport 2BHK household goods from Delhi to Gurgaon when you are doing it yourself.

Packers and Movers Charges for 2BHK House Shifting from Delhi to Gurgaon

If you are planning to hire professional packers and movers in Delhi to relocate your home to Gurgaon then you will have to be ready for the following expenses: –

Packing charges

Movers and packers pack your belongings using the best tricks and techniques. Also, they use some special equipment and technologies to pack your belongings that require extra effort. This is a chargeable service. Their packing charges depend on the number of goods they will pack.

Labor cost

The number of people requires to pack and move your belongings is another cost-affecting factor of packers and movers Delhi to Gurgaon charges. The size of your shipment will decide how many laborers are needed. Basically, 2-3 workers are required to pack, load, and unload 2BHK household goods.

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Transportation cost

Depending on the type of the truck and its size, packers and movers will estimate the moving cost. there are two types of transportation modes that you can go for. One is an open trailer and another is an enclosed trailer. The enclosed truck or trailer will be fully covered and your goods will be safe from dirt, rain, etc, during the transition. On the other hand, an open truck means the truck has no side walls and tailgate. An enclosed trailer is the safest option to transport your belongings but this is costlier than the open truck. Also, movers will include fuel expenses in this.

Transit insurance

Most moving companies suggest buying transit insurance to cover your belongings against damages during transportation. This helps you to recover the costs of damages. But you will have to first pay the insurance amount. The transit insurance costs around 3% of the total value of your goods declared by you. Suppose you are carrying goods that cost Rs. 3,00,000 then the transit insurance will be around Rs. 9,000- 10,000.


Apart from transportation costs, labor charges, transit insurance costs, and packing charges, movers will add taxes. Service taxes and GST will be included in the bill provided by movers and packers. Packers and movers will charge a 5% GST rate on goods transportation services. And if you are hiring full packers and movers services then the GST rate will be 18%.

So based on all these expenses, packers and movers Delhi to Gurgaon charges for 2BHK house shifting will be approx. Rs. 7,000 – Rs. 16,000.


Get quotes from the top verified moving companies to know their charges. Compare quotations before finalizing your deal with any agency. This will help you to find out an affordable relocation service provider.

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