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Common Retail Boxes Styles That Are Best for Packaging

Custom Retail Boxes

retail boxes

A box is customizable according to its length, width, and height. It is a very important factor to choose the right box style for your packaging. The type of your packaging does not matter boxes are made which can fit according to your needs. Several things are common in some of the retail packaging styles such as Retail Boxes Wholesale.

Fabulous Retail Boxes in Drawer Shape

The drawer box is also known as slide-out box. It is just like a matchbox. We can open it by sliding it while it is standing or kept flat. Moreover, one of the most attractive ways to make this type of custom retail boxes is that the design of the outer and inner columns of the box should be different. We can also add paper to the inner box to make it attractive

Gable Top Box

Another name of gabble top box is the handle box. It folds from the top due to which it looks like a rooftop of a house. It has its advantages. Therefore, these types of box are easy to carry and easy to transport. Storing and using them is very easy. Another main point is that the paper used in it is recyclable. So it is environment friendly

Hang Tab Display Boxes

These boxes are made in such a way so you can hang them. They act as a great marketing tool for your products. You can simply hang it in your shops where it can attract the attention of the customer. Hence, in this way, your product will be easily visible to your customers. You can also add a window in them so your customers can easily see your product without opening a package

Snap-lock Bottom Box

The snap-lock bottom box is very popular in the box industry because it can fold very fast. These types of box manufacture in such a way that they can hold heavy-weight items. Furthermore, the bottoms of the box engage with each other so they can hold the product. Its size is also customizable.

Collapsible Rigid Box

Very high quality of material and printing is done with these boxes. Two types of material are in use. One is rigid cardboard and the other one is Kraft paper. They provide safety and protection to the product at the time of transportation and shipping. Moreover, it is easy and can be assembled in a short time. The material is also recyclable. They can be in use for gifts, retailing, brand building, and product shipping

Pillow Shape Boxes

This box has a simple design and is easy to fold and easy in packing. It is now mostly in use in fast food packing, soap packing, and gift packing. Rigid Kraft paper is in use. The look of the material must be luxurious and water resistance.

Hinged Lid Rigid Box

The shape of these boxes is just like a book. The box will open and close just like a book. There are several advantages. It can open or close very fast. It’s a three-piece box which is why it is durable. More importantly due to its design, it look like a gift box

Special Box Shape

These boxes include different shapes like heart-shaped, hexagon boxes, rotated boxes, etc. Sometimes the price does not matter because some ideal products need these types of packaging. Unique box shapes are in use for packing unique items like watermelon and rocks. Therefore, Heart box-shape is usually in use for the packing of chocolates, candies, and flowers. Kraft paper or rigid cardboard can be in use in the box.

Display Box Style

They are usually in use in the supermarket. They have a design which is very beautiful and also work as marketing tools. It helps the supplier to show his products. Mostly they are likable by everyone because they look very decent. Hence, you can display your cosmetic products, chocolates and different versions of games in them. They can often be seen in different shops and malls. They can also be in use for big products. Different materials are in use in it to make it durable.

Folding Boxes

These boxes are the best when it comes to using them on the spot. If there is something that you need to pack away then Folding Boxes would be the best option. That is because they already have the lines and the folding cuts in them hence, the only thing you need to do is to shape up the box according to its lines.

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