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Chromic Catgut Suture: The Benefits One Won’t Want To Miss

Rahul Yadav

Chromic catgut suture is a sterile, absorbable, monofilament suture composed of purified collagen from either beef or pork intestinal sub mucosa, which is then chromic zed. It is processed with alkali and formaldehyde to increase biologic activity and decrease antigen city. Unfortunately, there are few chromic catgut suture suppliers available who delivers sutures of the best quality.

One of the common surgeries one is expected to conduct as nurses and doctors are suturing. Sutures are stitches that help hold organs, tissues, or other parts together to heal properly. There’s a variety of suture materials available for one to use depending on the condition and tissue type they are working on.

 Chromic catgut is one such material that has 8 benefits over other types.

  • It’s flexible: Being flexible means easily fitting through small spaces without breaking or causing tension. Since chromic catgut is also thin, this quality makes suturing much easier and faster.
  • It doesn’t cause tissue damage: Compared to other types of suture materials, chromic catgut does not cause collagen crosslinking, resulting in scar formation. So if there are less chances for the stitches to be permanent, patients will heal faster after surgery.
  • It saves costs: Chromic catgut is more affordable than other suture materials, leading us to use fewer resources during surgeries (time and money). This especially helps when we have low-income patients and we need to balance between staying within their budget and helping them.
  • Chromic catgut is less likely to cut through the tissue, unlike silk suture materials which are, in turn, preferred for deep tissues. This quality also makes it easier for one since suturing becomes much faster when there are fewer complications.
  • It doesn’t cause allergic reactions: Another benefit chromic catgut has over other types of suture materials is that it does not bring about allergic reactions in most patients who use them. We can definitely reassure our patients that they will be safe from substances that may cause allergies, irritations, or infections due to chromic catgut being composed of highly purified materials. 
  • It’s the best choice for the intestines: Chromic catgut is also a good choice when we need to suture tissues in our intestines. This is because it allows the body to absorb it quickly, so there will be fewer chances of infection or inflammation around the surgical site.
  • Well-loved by nurses and doctors: One crucial benefit chromic catgut has over other types of stitches is that many people love them due to the qualities mentioned earlier. This means that they are easier to work with, which can lead to improved productivity in any medical facility where these kinds of surgeries are done regularly.
  • The chromic catgut absorbable suture: The body can absorb it, another quality that chromic catgut has over other types. This means after each surgery where we use this kind of suture; one doesn’t have to remove them since their bodies will break down and dissolve naturally (so there’s no need for follow-up appointments to have them removed).
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 Overall, chromic catgut has 8 benefits over other suture materials like silk, making it more efficient for surgeries. From the fact that it’s absorbable to its lesser chances of causing allergies, this material makes our jobs easier and makes patients heal faster.

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