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Can You Buy Bongs Online Legally?

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If you want to buy bongs online legally, you can. It is legal to buy bongs whether you’re in a state where recreational weed is illegal or not. This article discusses the legality around bongs and other information you need to know about bongs.

First, what are bongs, and are bongs illegal? Let’s dive in!

What Are Bongs and How Do They Work?
Bongs are water pipes that are used to smoke cannabis or tobacco. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are very simple, consisting only of a bowl, downstem, and a chamber. Others are vibrant, mouth-blown masterpieces.

They all perform the same thing: filter and cool the smoke produced by marijuana combustion before the smoke reaches the user. Bongs usually have a small bowl that houses dried marijuana. The cannabis combusts when you ignite it. Meanwhile, the water in the bong’s bottom smooths and cools the smoke when you inhale.

Are Bongs Illegal?
Marijuana remains illegal under federal law, even though in many states the use and purchase of marijuana have been legalized. This is why products associated with marijuana use are also considered criminal, though luckily this attitude is changing for the better.

Bongs are as legal as any other pipe. A bong that has been used to smoke marijuana might technically be classified as drug paraphernalia. While the selling, importing, and exporting drug paraphernalia are all unlawful under federal law, unused bongs are perfectly fine to buy and sell.

Still, several states have regulations that make owning a bong illegal if it has been used to smoke. The penalty for owning drug paraphernalia such as bongs is not as harsh as it would be if the crime involved illegal narcotics, but it is still always best to leave any used bongs at home where they can be enjoyed privately

Bongs are not typically prohibited in states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Can You Buy Bongs Legally?
Absolutely! Whether you’re buying physically from a head shop or from online, it’s legal to buy bongs.

Also, even if you’re located in a state where recreational marijuana is illegal, buying bongs online is considered legal. This is because when pipes, bongs, and other smoking accessories are brand new, they are technically like any other pipe or glassware products, which are legal to buy anywhere.

Head shops do not sell drugs or drug paraphernalia. Items sold in head shops become drug paraphernalia only when customers leave the store and use them. So bongs are considered “drug paraphernalia” only once they have been used to smoke cannabis and there is residue or resin inside the object. Additionally, your order will not be flagged because simply purchasing something does not imply that you will use it illegally.

Are Your Privacy Protected When You Buy Online?
Because bongs can be purchased legally, if you are concerned about your order’s privacy, don’t worry! You can legally purchase bongs online and have them shipped to you without any recourse, as long as you’re over the age of 21.

If you’re not comfortable letting the whole world know about your purchase, you can also rest assured that your purchase is treated with confidentiality even if you made your purchase online. A good online head shop will make it a priority to protect your privacy and take precautions against identity theft.

Where to Buy Bongs Online?
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Funky Piece takes pride in its strong product selection, pricing, and customer service. They have been in business for over eight years. Buy your first or your next bong from Funky Piece today!

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