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Buying Your First Piece: Advice from the Best Smoke Shop in Fort Lauderdale

Gabrielle Rettino

Marijuana consumption and growth has skyrocketed in recent years due to its incredible increase in legality. Because of its increasing legality and subsequent acceptance, more and more people are trying it for themselves.

There are several ways of consuming marijuana: smoking, vaping, eating, and even droplets from tinctures. However, one of the most classic ways of consuming marijuana is by smoking it through a glass hand pipe.

This is the case for several reasons like it’s convenient, there are so many options and styles to choose from, and much more. For those first-time smokers, though, there can often be way too many factors to consider and decisions to make when choosing the perfect first smoke pipe.

The best smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale, Hip Cat Smoke Shop, provided some key advice just for you when making this life-altering decision.

Discrete or Chill?
There are tons of different sizes of glass hand pipes out there today. You could find ones that are as small as your pinky to ones that are as big as you! You should consider the size of the piece first and foremost.

The size should correspond with what you intend on doing with this piece. Do you want to be able to take it with you to a friend’s house or elsewhere? Or would you rather have a larger piece that you can simply leave at home and chill with?

If you are looking for discretion, opt for chillums, spoons, or even small bubblers. These pieces will be easy to travel with and can effectively get you high!

On the other hand, if you are looking for something to chill with at home, you can consider more delicate and larger pieces, such as gandalfs, sherlocks, large bubblers, and bongs.

Manageable or Powerful Hits?
When it comes to finding your very first piece, you also need to think about how powerful you would like the hits to be. If you are completely new to smoking, you might want something a bit more manageable in the beginning, such as one of the smaller hand pipes listed above.

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It’s also a good idea to opt for the smaller pieces if you have a smaller lung capacity.

However, if you have plenty of experience smoking but are finally getting your own piece, then you have more options available. You could choose a more discretionary option for smaller hits (if you intend on traveling with it often) or a larger, more powerful piece, like a bong.

Figure out your price range for your ideal first piece. These pieces greatly range in price: from $1 to the thousands! So, you can use your personal preference on what you’re willing to spend as your guide.

Color and Design
The last point is in reference to the aesthetics of the piece. It should be a color or a design that speaks to you! There are no limits here, as the kinds of colors and designs are limitless on hand pipes. Have fun with this point and shop around!

If you have any other questions on buying your first piece, be sure to call the best smoke shop in Fort Lauderdale, The Hip Cat Smoke Shop, for more information and assistance. Happy smoking!

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