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Buying Online Concert Tickets: How to Do It Right

Hussain Ali

Did you know that approximately twelve percent of people who buy concert tickets online end up being scammed? Online ticket outlets make it easier than ever to impulse-buy your way into your favorite concerts or events, but it’s a convenience that can leave you vulnerable.

Therefore, when buying tickets online, we should all know the basics when it comes to keeping our money safe.

Perhaps you’re looking for just the right source from which to purchase online concert tickets, but want to be absolutely sure you’re doing it right. If so, read on to learn everything that you need to know on the subject.

Know the Source You’re Buying From

Here is an easy bit of online concert ticket buying advice you should always start with: always be sure to look up who exactly is selling the tickets to begin with.

All it takes is a quick google search to determine whether tickets are being sold through the venue itself or via a trusted ticketing partner like or Ticketmaster.  Such sources should be your first priority when buying an online concert ticket.

Be Wary of “Resale Sites” for Online Concert Tickets

As a secondary option, you can of course buy a concert ticket online via a ticket resale site such as StubHub or SeatGeek. However, you should always resort to doing so with maximum caution.

It’s bound to have happened to all of us: in scouring the internet for tickets to a particular concert or event, we finally stumble across what appears to be tickets we couldn’t find anywhere else, perhaps even at a better price. Such instances can often be the work of scam websites, which exist to be mistaken for more reliable ticket resale sites.

Therefore, before you buy an online concert ticket, be as sure as you can that you aren’t being manipulated by the sight of tickets that are too good to be true.

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Prepare for Ticket Purchases in Advance

After finding a trustworthy online source, you should then set yourself up to secure tickets before they potentially sell out.

There are various online ticket buying tips to stay ahead of the pack. For one, if your favorite artists or concert venues have social media pages or mailing lists, be sure to follow and/or subscribe to them. This will make you the first to know when tickets will go on sale.

From there, be sure you know when exactly the ticket sale (or presale) begins.  It can even help to set an alarm or alert on your phone. This will allow you to find a comfortable spot to sit down and devote the next several minutes to making sure you get those tickets before others can!

Stay Ahead of the Pack by Staying In-The-Know! 

Buying online concert tickets is far from the only situation in which it helps to be the first to know!

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