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Business Enablers- List of Growth Enablers Taking India to Even Greater Heights

Gaurav Khanna
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Business growth enablers are leaders that play the role of internal entrepreneurs for the company and ensure that it runs effectively with their ambitious and innovative mind-set. They use innovative ideas to keep reinventing the business so that it stays relevant, and an exemplification of this is Sanjiv Bajaj, a growth enabler businessman in India who strongly believes that reinvention is the main force that fuels business progress and does that in order to ensure that Bajaj Finserv stays ahead of its game. His idea to digitise and innovate every 3 to 5 years keeps the company relevant and profitable.

Real business enablers have the ability to recognise an opportunity when they see it and optimise it in favour of the business. They continuously challenge themselves and improvise individually as well as ensure that the business processes, operation and systems stay efficient. These growth enabler leaders in India have not just gone beyond their organisation’s profitability but have also positively impacted the Indian economy.  

Growth enablers have the following things in common:

Clarity about business goals

The difference between a growth enabler and just any business owner is that they do not take away their focus from the end goal. Most owners try to channelise their thinking to act as leaders but are unable to think from an insider’s point of view. Most of the famous financial leaders continuously think about ‘How’ and ‘What’ should be done with products and services rather than focusing on ‘Why’ which results in the loss of the customer’s perspective. A business enabler will never put themselves in the ‘How’ and ‘What’ boat as the customer is key to them.  

They comprehend the market potential

Knowing and defining the market potential cannot be like shooting in the dark. True growth enabler businessmen  ensure that they have aligned their business purpose, aspirational milestones, and growth strategy with the actual target market. They keep it real and are not swayed by their growth objectives. They keep their business ambitions commensurate with the market potential, being the existing opportunity and the overall market size. 

Ensure the product and services are relevant

A question that every growth enabler will have an answer to is the one that every customer asks – ‘Why should I purchase from you’. This is not a one-time question but needs to be answered regularly. The answer to the question today may be redundant tomorrow! The fierce competition constantly attempts to lure customers and make them their own. A growth enabler leader will better the product or service offering every few years to address the evolving needs of the customer. The prime example of Sanjiv Bajaj can be applied here again. He is known for thrillinghis customers and employees by introducing new avatars of Bajaj Finance, Bajaj Allianz, and Bajaj Finserv markets every 3-5 years. Even though his company started off as an NBFC, it leverages a great deal of technology to keep its offering relevant and ahead of competitors. 

Ensuring a seamless and enhanced customer experience

It is a widely known and accepted fact that the customer is the king. Business enablers invest their time in strategising new ways to acquire and retain customers. Gone are the days when the competitive advantage was gained by only focusing on the betterment of the products or the services. Today it is all about the customer. A business growth enabler will have answers to all the questions like, what would make life easy for the customer, how to create a memorable customer experience and why customers should choose you over others. 

Employee empowerment

A true business enabler will surely know that the company’s employees are their most powerful assets and the ones that help them realise their goals and ambitions. They know how to keep the employees motivated and energised at all times to ensure superior delivery and sustainability. They also understand the value of their employees and know that they are the ones with their skin in the game. These corporate leaders appreciate and empower all their employees with technologically advanced tools to create a workforce that is ready to go an extra mile and make them feel as a part of the big family.

True growth enablers will always lead by example and practice what they preach. They follow rules and immerse themselves in the culture that they want the organisation to adopt as a whole!

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