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Assotech Celeste Towers – the affluent society of the western world

Alejandrina Deaton

Assotech Limited is said to be one of the most famous and luxurious real estate companies in Noida that have been in the real estate market for over 25 years now. This real estate group is known for delivering excellent projects. They have excelled in making commercial as well as residential projects that are beyond people’s expectations.   

Real Estate has been a booming and developing business in today’s market at an increasing rate. Since the needs and requirements of people keep on changing every day, therefore, with time, real estate companies have come up with unique ideas to keep up with the same needs and requirements of the people to improve their way of living. Similarly, like all the other real estate groups – Assotech Limited has tried to deliver unique projects to enhance the way of living. They have delivered luxurious homes and commercial projects to the people. 

Just like all the other magnificent projects that are delivered by this real estate company – Assotech Limited has come up with a new project called Celeste Towers. It is one of the luxurious residential projects that Assotech Limited will soon be launching. This affluent residency by Assotech Limited certainly matches the international standards of living. Celeste towers are the epitome of opulent life offered to the residents who will live in these towers. 

The location of the Assotech Celeste towers is the USP of this project as it is located in a breathtaking area of Sector 44 in Noida. Looking at all the other projects, it is safe to say that Celeste Towers are the tallest residential towers around Delhi NCR. There are many marvelous features of this luxurious project by Assotech Limited. One of them is that it provides a complete 360 view of the Noida Skyline to the people who will be the residents of Celeste Towers. 


Celeste Corona and Celeste Europa are the two halves of the whole Celeste Towers. The towers have 35 (Corona) and 32 (Europa) floors. Both the towers have almost similar facilities offered to the residents and would provide a splendid life to the residents.  

Celeste Corona and Celeste Europa – exceptional features   

Assotech Noida’s sumptuous project, launching soon, Celeste Towers is coming with the main motive to portray luxury and offer a comfortable lifestyle. Situated in a rich area of Sector 44, Noida, this project is the definition of perfection and a palatial lifestyle.  

Some exceptional features of Assotech Limited’s new project – Celeste Towers, that make it the most luxurious project in the whole of Noida are: 

  • There is a spa facility on the 32nd floor. 
  • a swimming pool on the same floor 
  • private life in the apartment that the residents can enjoy 

As said before, Celeste towers are divided into two halves. You should make sure that you read and understand the features of both towers so that you are sure before investing your money. 

Irresistible amenities by Assotech Celeste Towers 

The luxurious project serves outstanding amenities or facilities to its people. Comfort and convenience are the two most important aspects that have been highly focused on. Assotech The Celeste Towers has created luxurious and deluxe vibes for people. 

Here are some irresistible facilities or amenities that will be offered to the residents of Celeste towers by Assotech Limited real estate group: 

  • The premises are guarded by security guards all the time as the society follows a 24×7 security system.
  • The whole premises is under CCTV surveillance. Anything wrong happening will be caught within no time.
  • Every individual in the society will get private parking of their own. Every owner will be allotted private parking of their own. If you wish to buy another parking lot, that too can be done. 
  • For all the exercising enthusiasts, Celeste towers offer you a gym and a workout space filled with brand new equipment. People wanting to do a hardcore workout can do it with all the available types of equipment. 
  • A business lounge with a rooftop swimming pool. Specially crafted for professionals, this place offers a chill and quiet atmosphere with comfort and convenience. 
  • There is a squash court for everyone who wishes to play squash. The court is clean and is open to all. 
  • Last, but not least, the premises are covered with greenery. There are beautiful garments and sitting areas for everyone, especially the senior citizens. 
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The amenities mentioned here are very few. So many other facilities are offered by Celeste Towers, providing you a comfortable and splendid life. Make sure you check every aspect and feature to be sure before investing your money. 


Everyone dreams of living a palatial life in their dream homes. The solution to a lavish and rich life is Celeste Towers by Assotech limited group of real estates. These towers will make you live an exceptional and comfortable life in your dream home that you always wanted. There are so many location advantages as well that are around Celeste Towers. Located in an outstanding area of Sector 44 in Noida, these towers are an affluent investment. 

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