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The Major Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Parts from the Car Wreckers Auckland

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Car wreckers Auckland is one of the popular communities in the automotive market. This community is responsible for wrecking junk, old, and unwanted vehicles. On the other hand, you can get some used or refurbished parts from them.

They dismantle the junk vehicle, recycle the unworthy parts, and sell the working parts in the automotive market. There is always a dilemma whether one should buy used/refurbished parts from them. Some are purchasing parts from car wreckers and even selling them on a commission basis.

If you’re also confused about buying parts from the car wreckers in South Auckland, here are some pros and cons you should follow.

Advantages of Buying Parts from Car Wreckers

  • Rare Parts Are Also Available

The parts sourced from the car wreckers South Auckland are usually the cheapest in the offline market. If your vehicle model is too old, it’s not easy to get parts in the market. However, you’ll only get the best possible parts directly from reputable car wreckers.

  • Get Parts At Cheapest Prices

Regardless of your vehicle model, you’ve multiple places to buy the parts. You can purchase either new parts or used or refurbished parts from third parties. When it comes to the cheapest prices, the final destination is the car wreckers South Auckland. Undoubtedly, purchasing parts from car wreckers isn’t quite challenging; you need to find the best ones for yourself. If you have good knowledge about vehicle parts, you’ll indeed get the parts at the lowest prices.

  • You’re Saving The Environment

You might be wondering how purchasing parts from the car wreckers in Auckland is advantageous for the environment. Car wreckers aren’t the manufacturer of the parts; they only have used or refurbished parts under their belt.

When purchasing any type of part from companies, the parts are only manufactured. You’re not increasing the demand for manufacturing newer parts that directly affect the environmental resources negatively.

Undoubtedly, this advantage isn’t something very significant, but it is also essential.

  • You Get The Parts Quickly

If you opt for purchasing parts from companies, please have contact numbers of the reputed wreckers in your locality. If you buy parts from the online market, you need to wait for some days. On the other hand, if you’re buying parts offline, sometimes the parts won’t be available on the spot. The parts delivery might also take some days.

In that case, your vehicle has to stand in the garage until the parts arrive. Even your regular mechanic cannot help you out in this matter. Nevertheless, at the companies, you’ll get the parts quickly. And you can even negotiate and get the parts cheaper.

Disadvantages of Buying Parts from Car Wreckers

  • You Don’t Know The History Of The Parts

When there are advantages, disadvantages are also present. When you’re buying parts from the cash for cars companies, you don’t know anything about the history of the parts. Sometimes, the wreckers do have the history of the parts, but not every time.

When you’re purchasing the common parts, you don’t need to think about the history. You just buy and use them until they are working. However, for some parts, knowing the history is very important. Some companies do have a genuine history of mechanical parts, but the parts might be slightly expensive. You’ll need to take the risk when buying parts from the wreckers.

  • Don’t Expect Warranty

Surprisingly, some companies do provide warranties on their used and refurbished parts. Nevertheless, such companies won’t exist in your neighbourhood. The warranty period might be seven days to three months.

  • It’s Not Easy To Buy Parts

Most car wreckers don’t have any website where you can check the price and availability. If you have any requirements regarding the parts, you need to call them directly. On the other hand, you might have to visit the yard with your mechanic and find the parts manually. You can’t also call them again and again to get your desired parts.

  • The Mechanic Might Not Fit Such Parts

Many mechanics won’t touch the parts purchased from the car wreckers in South Auckland because who is responsible if something happens wrong.

You should understand that mechanics and car wreckers are competitors; they often do not entertain parts taken from car wreckers in South Auckland. So, if your mechanic is a good friend, he/she will surely help you install the parts.

Final Thoughts

If you notice, these disadvantages are not that important to be considered. While purchasing parts from car wreckers in South Auckland, you can’t think much about the disadvantages. In a nutshell, reputable car wreckers are the one-stop destination where you can get all the parts at the lowest prices.

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