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Acorn Engineering Repair Parts: Ligature Resistance and Universal Design

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Ligature-resistant fixtures provide not only a safe environment but also a cost-efficient plumbing solution for correctional facilities.

If you’re looking for Acorn Engineering repair parts for their ligature resistance design or you need more information about them, read on.

What Is a Ligature-Resistant Design?
Acorn plumbing fixtures are ligature-resistant, which means they restrict the use of anything that supports a noose or other strangulation tools that can be used for suicide.

Suicides are high in prison because prisons have the potential to worsen mental illness, increase vulnerability, and raise the risk of self-harm and suicide.

This is why Acorn Engineering developed their Acorn Secur-Care and Anti-Ligature product lines.

The fixtures are meticulously developed to protect convicts in the judicial system by reducing ligature attachment points, reducing their chances of harming themselves or others, and reducing institutional liability.

Acorn Engineering Plumbing Fixtures
Most conventional bathroom fixtures, such as toilets, sinks, combination units, and showers, are included in the Secur-Care product line.

Anti-ligature products from Secur-Care are suitable for both new construction and renovations. They are simple to set up and maintain so you can save on both installation and maintenance costs.

Combination Toilet Lavatory
The ligature-resistant combination toilet-lavatories have a long-lasting stainless steel structure with built-in ligature-resistance elements.

The contoured frame and wing sides reduce ligature points while also providing great vandal resistance. The hemispherical push button and bubbler, as well as the ligature-resistant drain, add to the product’s safety features.

Their anti-ligature toilets are comprised of vandal-resistant stainless steel that is practically unbreakable.

For ease of installation and retrofitting, they are designed to be mounted with a rear mount, which is the most typical arrangement in correctional facilities.

Ligature-resistant toilets comply with ADA or the Americans with Disability Act. They also have non-ADA versions and mount on the floor.

Acorn’s urinal’s tapered form reduces the possibility of it being utilized as a ligature attachment point.

The stainless steel is very indestructible and can be covered inside and out with white Enviro-Glaze to decrease the institutional appearance.

Enviro-Glaze is a color coating system developed by Acorn to allow buyers the option to have stainless steel fixtures in designer colors.

Finally, the ligature-resistant urinal conforms with ADA rules when installed correctly.

Their stainless steel security lavatory basins have tapered side splashes and a slanted backsplash to prevent vandalism.

Because of the tapering form, the fixture is less likely to be used as a ligature attachment point. There are no voids or cracks in which contraband can be hidden.

Air-control pneumatic push-button valves and ADA variants are both available.

The ligature-resistant qualities of their showers are aided by the conical shower head and several valve options.

In addition to the conical showerhead, the cabinet-style showers offer a ligature-resistant shower floor surface and a ligature-resistant baffle in the drain. On the exterior of the door is a collapsible towel hook.

Drinking Fountains
Our stainless steel drinking fountains have tapering sides and a hemispherical bubbler, making them vandal-resistant.

Because of these features, the fixture is less likely to be used as a ligature attachment point.

The strongest feature of Acorn’s plumbing fixtures is the ligature-resistance quality. If this is the biggest consideration—and it should be in a correctional facility— then you would appreciate Acorn’s Secur-Care product line.

Acorn Engineering repair parts are also not hard to find. You can find repair and replacement parts at Quality Plumbing Supply.

Quality Plumbing Supply is the leading distributor of Acorn Engineering products in the country. They have been providing quality and affordable plumbing solutions for over 40 years. Check out their huge inventory and drop by their website today.

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