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A Definite Guide to Prepare Concrete Floor for Tile Installation

Peter Dong

Though, there is no need to install an underlay between concrete and tile, preparing the surface prior to tile placement is advised. Because the uneven areas and cracks in concrete could lead to damage to the tile. Even the uncontrolled moisture could destroy the mortar as well as loosen the tiles.

Taking time for preparing a concrete floor would provide you the chance of creating a great-looking tile design. Here are the steps you could follow for preparing the concrete for tile installation in Broward County

Gather the Supplies 

Before you start the work, it is crucial to gather the supplies as well as tools you would require. The list of things you would wish to have at your fingertips include

ü Broom

ü Concrete sealer

ü Dustpan

ü Roller having an extended handle

ü Towel/ cloths

ü Five-gallon bucket

ü Trowel

ü Scrub brush

ü Degreasing cleanser

  • Sweep and Scrub the Floor

No matter whether your concrete floor looks clean or dirty, it is important to sweep the floor. Use broom and dustpan for giving a thorough sweep to the surface and ensure you remove all the accumulated dirt and debris. For removing the persistent stains or stubborn dirt, give s good scrub to the floor after sweeping.

For creating a cleaning solution, pour 5-6 tablespoons of degreasing cleaner in the bucket having a gallon of warm water. Using the solution and scrub brush, clean the floor thoroughly. Consider spending extra time scrubbing the oily or greasy areas so that you do not miss any spots.

  • Rinse the Floor

After scrubbing, rinse the floor with warm water. It is advised to work on one isolated section at one time as well as use the cloth or towels for drying each section. Before moving on, you would need the floor to be dry completely. Therefore, allow at least a day for the floor to dry.

  • Patch the Cracks
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It is worth noting that cracks in the concrete floor could expand and make the tile shift or break. Consider using a trowel for applying concrete patching compound at the spot of every crack. Although you need to fill the cracks, you would wish to ensure that no extra compound stays on the floor surface. To smooth every patch and ensure the floor stays level, consider using the flat edge of the trowel.

  • Fill the Depressions

In case the concrete floor has any flaws or depression from installation or damage, you need to repair that. To keep the surface level, consider using a concrete patching compound for filling depressions and allow the floor surface to dry.

After repairing the floor, it is time to seal it. Applying sealer forms a protective layer that stops moisture from entering concrete and into the tile floor. In case you are unable to prepare the floor or unsure about the process consider hiring experts for preparation and tile installation in Broward County. In case you are looking for experts, Hernandez Plumbing is the right choice. They have the experience of years and provide customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Peter Dong

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