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6 Tips to Encourage Education for Your Employees Development

Shonda Gearhart

Nurturing talent is part of the responsibilities of a manager to develop in-house talents. It makes the employees feel valued and stay with the organization for a very long time. And it is hard to ignore the effectiveness of education for their personal development goals.

However, employees don’t get the motivation to include education in their tight schedules. Instead, they will spend more time with their loved ones or some unnecessary tasks than focus on learning new concepts. It is hard to blame them as office hours leave much less mental energy to spend on skill development.

How Can Employee Education Help Businesses?

Employee education is a part of the talent nurturing process in the professional environment. You can use the strategy to make experts from your team counter the problems without the need for micromanagement. Also, it will help build a strong relationship with the current workforce to promote loyalty.

Businesses can also use education strategies to attract the best talent in the industry. The young generation of the workforce needs a platform for self-development to reach the top levels in the organizational structures. Therefore, they will prefer a small business with a better development program than the industry leaders with little focus on nurturing talent.

How to Motivate the Employees to Continue Education?

The modern education landscape gives ample opportunities for working individuals to learn and improve their profiles. They don’t have to visit the night schools or spend hours to find a workshop in their locality. The managers can take advantage of the following methods to help employees continue their education.

Lead with an Example

Employees are often motivated by the actions of their leaders. You can lead them by example by continuing your education and sharing the progress. It will help them understand the importance of learning from a very trusted source.

Add a learning module to your calendar with industry-relevant skills. It should include the latest advancement in the industry or the different processes in your business. Also, you can suggest a debt consolidation loan with no guarantors in the UK to improve their chances of loan for the study program.

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Schedule Training Modules

You cannot force them to learn a new concept if their job doesn’t require it. However, you can ask the employees to add a time block to continue their education. A couple of hours once or twice a week will have minimal impact on the overall productivity of the team.

It will help the employees reduce the stress of regular work within the office hours. Thus, they don’t have to find time outside the office hours to learn or practice a new skill.

Incentivise Education

Some employees need incentives and benefits to motivate them for some tasks. You can use the same method to make them continue the learning process. Set a bar of excellence to make sure they work hard and thoroughly understand the concept.

The incentives can range from a recreational trip to a tourist destination or coupons for a restaurant. It depends on your budget and the new educational qualification of the employees. The more significant achievement of the employees will require a bigger reward to motivate the other workforce.

Send Employees to Workshops and Conferences

You can send employees to workshops and conferences to help them learn new skills. These conferences often contain the latest development in the industry to educate the professionals. Thus, it will help them learn from the industry leaders while spreading the word about your brand.

The cost of the conferences and workshops is minimal compared to the training courses. It will help the employees to build a network with the industry leaders and potential clients. Your business will get the benefit of an improved workforce and strong contacts in the market.

Trust Their Abilities

Theories or practice sets are useless until the employees get to use them in the real world. They will lose their grip on the concept in the absence of its application. Thus, you need to provide them with new projects while trusting their ability.

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Let them make mistakes while trying to learn a new concept. You need them to master the skills to build a competent workforce to challenge the industry leaders. And without practice, they will remain on the amateur level.

Set New Requirements for Promotions

You will find many members in your current team with the potentials to become leaders. They will make their way to deserve the promotion after meeting specific criteria. It includes a skillset along with educational qualifications.

Therefore, you can use their skill development and learn as a requirement for a promotion. They will align the self-development goals with the career opportunities to find the required motivation. The incentive may work better than the other benefits as people will enjoy the returns for the rest of their professional careers.


To sum up, motivating the employees for education is difficult unless you build a strategy for it. The focus should remain on the factors that drive their decisions in life. It can range from career growth to immediate incentives.

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