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6 Things an eCommerce SEO Agency Can Save

Dan Kogan

Everyone loves to save. Money, time, effort, headaches – who doesn’t love to save them? Now, since organic traffic often constitutes the bulk of users to eCommerce businesses, wouldn’t you like to start saving some of these things with the help of an eCommerce SEO agency?

Your Money
Now, in a manner of speaking, an eCommerce SEO agency will actually cost money, because nothing in this world worth having is free. But, if you get creative about how you approach the expense, you’ll realize that an eCommerce SEO agency, at least one worth its salt, will actually pay for itself and make you money.

A reputable eCommerce SEO agency will generate more organic traffic to your website and on top of that will expressly target an audience with high intent to purchase that is likely to convert. Really, that’s not saving money, but making it, now isn’t it?

Your Time
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a complex set of processes that is best left to the experts. Many a business in the past has, no doubt, wasted quite a good bit of marketing resources and time in an effort to optimize a website and develop a content or link strategy.

There’s a reason that eCommerce SEO agencies specialize in this. They’ve developed efficient processes and economies of scale. In other words, they’ve figured out what works, so you don’t have to.

Bad Leads
That’s right, some leads are bad. Some eCommerce SEO services might specifically target low-volume, high-opportunity keywords just to ramp up traffic to your website so it will like they’re doing something. The downside is that when that traffic fails to convert, you’re up a creek. You just paid for services that looked like they were working, but didn’t.

The best eCommerce SEO experts in the field will avoid targeting these “bad” leads, instead only pursuing an audience with a legitimate interest in your goods and services. These will be much more likely to become long-term customers of your eCommerce store.

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Your eCommerce Website’s Customer Experience
A lot of what goes into on-page optimization has to do with the user experience. Yes, there is some adjustment of code, data, structure, keyword density, formatting, and content, but that all impacts how users interact with the page.

An eCommerce SEO company has a vested interest in improving your eCommerce site’s web design and user experience, since those things affect SEO, for better or worse.

Your Online Store’s Reputation
All effective eCommerce SEO strategies will hinge on keyword research and target keyword strategy. From these, a content strategy must be developed which will then be disseminated (both onsite and offsite).

Quality content improves the perception of your brand – make no mistake about that.

Your Other Marketing Strategies
Many top-tier eCommerce SEO agencies also offer other digital marketing services, such as PPC, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and more. These services often work hand in hand with SEO so that your website won’t simply generate greater business through organic searches but through paid channels and other organic means. Uniting these efforts will ultimately

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