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5 Useful tips to design the landing page that converts in 2022

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A website comprises several web pages, and a landing page is the first one that any visitor would come across when they click on any promotional link or a banner. Hence, landing pages play a critical role in generating leads and conversions. Furthermore, it is estimated that 75% of the credibility of a website depends upon its design. Indeed, such significant stats indicate the importance of getting the custom WordPress design service inclusive of all the vital steps to design the landing page that converts.

By definition, landing pages are of two main types; reference and transactional. Indeed, the visitor does not linger around much when you get on to your landing page. Reference landing pages are the ones that are designed with an approach to provide information to the visitors, which is both enticing and conformant with the visitor’s interest. On the other hand, transactional pages aim at generating sales leads. However, today’s good landing pages suffice both categories. Therefore, leveraging the chance in the best possible way is vital. For this purpose, the primary step is to have a clear idea of the visitor’s expected action. For example, you may be targeting increasing the newsletter signups or trial purchases, etc. When you deliver the right idea of your expectations from a landing page, only then the WordPress website design services may design the landing page perfectly.

Designing the best effective landing page

For a top-notch landing page design, you must get to know the typical anatomy of landing pages. The critical elements of a landing page include the following.

  • Above the fold elements such as the portion of the page visible to the viewer without scrolling
  • Content
  • Conversion elements
  • Footer

Indeed, you must get to know this before we go into the details. However, if you intend to hire WordPress web design services such as Navicosoft, stick with us just to add to your knowledge.

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Here are some handy tips to design the landing page.

1. The AIDA principle

When a customer ends up on your landing page, a sequence of events is carried out. To get the best out of a landing page, you must focus on the following cascade and plan the loading page accordingly.

  • Awareness: Entice your visitor’s attention. 
  • Interest: Highlight the advantages you offer your customers on this landing page and arouse their interest.
  • Desire: implant the idea in your customers that they want your products or services. 
  • Action: Trigger the buyer’s behavior in your customers. 

2. The KISS approach – Keep It Short and Simple

Not only in real life, but simplicity is the best policy even in the digital world. Minimalism offers significant advantages, especially concerning WordPress website design services. It highlights the images and the CTAs automatically. If you are doing it yourself, you need not worry. It may seem to be a tricky task to design the landing page. However, it doesn’t need you to be an expert. To design a competent landing page or your website, you just have to track the following simple principles.

  • White space: Consider adding sufficient white space, which helps the viewers get to the critical parts of the page you want them to be.
  • Flat Design: Focus a flat design in your mind, and keep your loading page simple yet completely functional and responsive. A flat design typically refers to simple typography, an intuitive interface, and grid-based layouts.
  • Shading: while trying to design a simple page, you may go over the edge and reach the pinnacles of oversimplified designs. To counter this, you can add shading to the interactive elements of your page so that it may stand out.
  • Symmetry: uniformity in a minimalist design is an element that serves to engage the users and guide them exactly where you wish them to be on the landing page.
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3. Blink test

Typically, your page will catch your visitor’s eyes shortly after three seconds of getting on to the page. However, if your visitor blinks the eye and he does not find what he expects or is interested in, he will certainly bounce back.

4. False expectations 

Ensure that you won’t like to create any false expectations with your custom WordPress design service. In simple words, it means that when you design the landing page, it must correspond to the original ad and vice versa. If your visitor does not find the relevant data on the loading page, it will give you nothing but add to your website’s bounce rates. Furthermore, it would also negatively impact your website’s reputation.

5. Depict your trustworthiness

Indeed, getting conversions from clients who do not trust your brand or website. Consequently, having the best and most competitive products and services, you may still lack business because you fail to build trust in your target audience. Avoiding such a situation requires you to focus on the elements that infuse a sense of trust in the target audience.

The first step in this regard is to use immaculate grammar, spelling, and sentence structure in the content of your page. You won’t disagree that amiss spelling trigger a sense of spam of content that we come across, usually in scam emails. Following the assurance of pristine page content when you design the landing page, you can consider adding the following elements to inculcate a better sense of trustworthiness.

  • Testimonials from your existing client base: consider your target audience avatar and get feedback and testimonials from your existing customers for the related product or service. When your target audience comes across the people like themselves depicting their satisfaction regarding your products and services, it becomes easy for them to trust you. 
  • Contact information: while setting up your landing page, you must add your contact information. Hence, you can add a sense of reachability to your customers. They may trust your better when they believe they can reach out to you easily. You can add your physical address, email ID, and the other means to get you that you may have.
  • Live chat plugin: In today’s time pressure, your client would love instant answers to their queries more than anything else. Indeed, it makes the live chat plugin a perfect element to add when you design the landing page.
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