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5 Myths About Car Repair And Debunking Them

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Buying into the conventional misconceptions about car repair services can hurt your wallet. Lack of knowledge and education about cars makes people believe in false statements. Expert help is always needed in terms of explaining the technical glitches and this will ensure your safe driving. It is time to know the myths and the corresponding facts that will help to keep your car in good condition for a long time.

Myth #1: Compare The Repair Services Based On Quotations

Fact: Money can never be the sole decisive factor in determining the right repair service. Of course, you must have a budget when you are looking for different repair services. But that does not mean you will assess the company depending on the quotation for the service. 

  • The cheapest service is not always the right option. Such car repair companies may recruit amateurs who do not have much experience in the industry. So if your car has a complex glitch, the technicians may even fail to diagnose the right reason for the trouble. 
  • If you think you can save some money by appointing cheap services now, you are wrong. The amateurs can damage the car further, and you may need a bigger repair or even parts replacement that will only add to the cost. 
Car Repair
Car Repair

So, it is always better to analyse the service providers depending upon logical parameters. Also, take note that paying bundles won’t help you either. Get the correct quote without any hidden charges.

Myth #2: Every 3000 Miles Indicate A Requirement To Change The Oil

Fact: The advancement in automotive engineering is bringing up new changes in engine designs and structure. So if you think that you have to change the oil just because you have crossed 3000 miles, you should wait and discuss it with the experts at the reputed car repair service centre. 

  • The old models may need the oil change after the specific distance coverage, but the latest models may go on well even for 7000 miles without an oil change. 
  • Advances in oil technology nowadays demand infrequent oil changes, if you are driving under normal conditions mostly. 
  • Changing the oil after getting it checked by the expert seems more of a reasonable order.
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And if you are driving a car with a diesel engine, the need will be even lower. 

Myth #3: Dark Oil Indicates Time To Change

Fact: you can be one of them who prefer to remove the dipstick indicator and check the colour of the oil to figure out whether the oil needs a change. But according to the car repair services, this is an absolute misconception. There can be additives that can darken the colour of the oil even if you have driven over 1000 miles since the last oil change. The professional at the repair centres will guide you with this.

Myth #4: Replace The Air Filters Regularly

Fact: Replacing the air filters is definitely a vital part of car maintenance. But before doing it, you should know whether it is necessary at this point in time. The appropriate car repair service will always check the condition of the filter and suggest the change if there is too much clog on the filters. 

Myth #5: Repair Work Is Possible Anywhere

Fact: Those who think that any repair service provider can fix the car issues, are wrong.

  • The service provider should have the license to do the job.
  • There should be experienced professionals at work with certificates of training.
  • If the repair is not correct, you may need replacements soon.

Before approaching the car repair company for the service, ensure that the company is the best on the list. If you have the slightest doubt, clarify them before approaching further, as it can damage the precious asset of your life. There is no way you would want a newbie to touch your car. Ask them to deliver only quality services.

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