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5 Heavy Duty Machines Your Forest Harvesting Business Needs to Have

Hussain Ali

Did you know most forest harvesting and logging continues to be a popular job? If you want to learn about the different kinds of tools you’ll need for harvesting timber; we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the different tools you’ll use as a forest harvester.

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You’ll Need a Forwarder

A forwarder will carry small and short logs. You’ll also need to take logs from the stump along to the roadside landing. An operator will use a loader heel boom grapple to load up logs onto the forwarder bunk.

Look at getting a material handler loader for lifting logs, as well. 

What About a Harvester Processor?

You’ll need a short-log cutter and a small tree-faller to cut up the small trees. You’ll also want them to fall in a controlled direction. Use the harvester processor to thin out the trees.

Mulcher or a Masticator

Use a mulcher to grind up thicker forest understory limbs and brush. You’ll also need to grind up treetops into woody mulch.

Reduce fire hazards or prepare for deforestation with this tool. A mulcher will come in a few different configurations and sizes, and you can get one that’s wheeled, tracked, or boom-mounted.

Roadside Brush Cutter

Use this mobile machine to clear up any roadside brush.

It’s a wheeled machine that powers a grinding head moved to the roadside to cut vegetation.

The machine will clear the roadside of any unwanted brush overgrowth.

Do You Have a Skidder?

Use a skidder to pull or grab whole trees or logs. The machine uses choker cables or grapples with lifting the front part of the log off the ground. Pull logs to the roadside landing.

Some people will invest in a small skidder. Get a tracked or wheeled small log puller. It’s a small-sized machine that will grab logs or whole trees. Use a small skidder to cut or thin out gentle terrain partially.

Brush Piling Shovel

You can get a tracked boom machine pile that slashes the harvested area. Get the mobile machine that moves, picks up, or places extra logging debris in piles.

The operator will use the loader heel boom grapple to reach the side and lift, grab, or move the pieces.

The site will get readied for reforestation and can get burned later.

Do You Have a Yarder?

A log loader conversion attachment can create a small yarder. A tracked cable lifter or a small log lifter with a boom can get used. It’s a mobile short-distance machine that’s cable’s rigged from the boom to the harvesting area.

The carriage will ride the cable and connect to the logs using extra additional cables. Logs or small trees will get lifted and carried on the slope from the stump to the roadside landing area.

There are other attachment configurations, as well. Consider looking into a jammer high lead or a tong thrower.

Do You Need a Small Swing Yarder?

You can get a small-log cable lifter. The cable receives rigged from the short tower to the far side of your harvest area. A carriage will ride the line and connect to logs using extra cables.

Mobile Yarder

You can get a medium-log cable lifter. The cable receives rigged from the mid-sized tower that’s to the far side of the harvest area. The carriage will ride the cable and connect to logs using extra cables.

Whole trees or logs will get carried on slopes from the stump, and they tend to get entirely suspended off the ground.

Tower Yarder

Look into getting a large log cable lifter. The cable will get rigged from the high tower to the far side of the harvest area. The carriage rides the cable and connects to logs by using extra cables.

Whole trees or logs will get lifted and carried on the slopes from the stump.

Cable Yarding Carriage

The carriage machine is a log-mover that will ride on a suspended cable skyline. The movements will get controlled by workers with radio devices and signals.

The carriage motor will pull a cable, log chokers, and logs off the ground up toward the carriage. The yarder will pull the cable connected to the carriage.

The logs get disconnected at the landing. Then, the process gets reversed. The carriage will fly back through the sky to the area where the logs get moved.

Carriages come in different sizes. You could get a motorized drum or a motorized slack pulling.

Log Landing Machine

Get a log landing machine that’s heavy and built to work at the roadside landing to process logs and trees.

Make sure you pick one that will serve your business well.

Read Reviews

Before you buy any kind of tools or equipment, you should make sure you buy from a reputable company. You could ask business colleagues if they could recommend a company. 

Make sure you do your research before investing in expensive equipment. You want to find pieces that will last.

Forest Harvesting

We hope this guide on forest harvesting was helpful. Consider what kinds of equipment or tools you need to add to your business. Some people might need a few different-sized yarders or mulchers.

Are you looking for more business tips? Stay savvy and build your business by sticking around and browsing our resources on the blog.

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