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5 Differences Between MCCBs And RCCBs

Swapnil Jukunte
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As the world is leading in technology every day, it needs several things to back this up. One of which is Electricity. The most used thing today in the whole world is electricity, and it is the organized light that can change the lives of all the people worldwide for the better.

As a wise man once said, don’t try to be a fool and always inspect your electrical appliances. Today we will discuss the Moulded Case Circuit Breakers and Residual Current Circuit Breaker. We will tell you what both of these appliances are and what the differences are between those two.

What Is RCCB?

Residual Current Circuit Breaker is the most commonly used safety device for your safety. These are the electrical appliances used for protection; RCCBs immediately disconnect the circuit as soon as it detects any currents leaking to the earth wire. These devices also give protection against shocks and protect the whole circuit.

RCCB is a susceptible device, and it works on the principle of Kirchoff’s Law. It can handle faults up to 1kA and can also sometimes handle faults more than that. 

What Is MCCB?

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker, commonly known as MCCB, is one of the many protection devices used when the current flowing in the lines called load current exceeds the limit of a miniature circuit breaker. This device protects against various hazards, including short circuits, line faults, and overloads. 

MCCB can have a current rating of up to 2500A. Due to these devices, the use of MCB has become less. They can also protect the cables that range from 100A to 3200A, and they can go the whole cables and try to protect all of the circuits.

Difference Between MCCBs And RCCBs

There are a lot of differences between the two devices. But here, we will only discuss the five differences between them.

1) MCCB protects the circuit against overloads and short circuits, whereas RCCB protects from the residual current and shocks that can affect the circuit.

2) MCCBs are available in all pole forms like single-pole, two-pole, three-pole, and four-pole, while the RCCBs are only available in two-pole and four-pole versions.

3) RCCB has an ampere rating of 160 Amperes, whereas the MCCB gathers up to the rating of 2500 Amperes.  

4) The current rating in the MCCB can be varied from 10 milliamperes to 30 Amperes, but the current of the RCCB is varied from 250 to 300 milliamperes. This is the residual tip current rating.   

5) RCCB holds no kind of connection with the earth wiring and neutral earth wire, but at the same time, MCCB has a connection with the earth wire due to the tripping facilities that it gives to the circuit.

In this article, we have told you all about the two electronic appliances MCCB and RCCB. We have guided you on them and told you the differences between the two devices.

Swapnil Jukunte

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