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Have you ridden a wide range of unicycles before and your heart is set on finding a model that is both fast and agile, don’t look over 32-inch tires. We don’t have hard figures for this, but it’s possible that commuters look right over 32-inch models for 36-inch models and muni riders shoot right for smaller, more maneuverable models with 27 or 29-inch models.

If that’s the case, it shouldn’t be. Here’s a breakdown of why unicycles with 32-inch tires deserve a little bit more of your attention – and it boils down mostly to a delicate yet ideal balance of speed and handling.

Pitting 29 and 36 Inch Tires Against 32 Inch Tires
Riders that are looking for maneuverable, agile unicycles are likely to automatically focus their sights on models with 26, 27.5, or 29-inch tires. 26-inch unicycles, specifically, are very versatile and those with 26-inch tires can be ridden both on pavement and on trails. They also remain small enough to maintain a high degree of agility and can be used for hopping, jumping, and clearing obstacles.

While unicycles with 27.5 and even 29-inch tires are not quite as maneuverable as those with 26-inch tires, they remain highly agile and offer a slight boost in speed as well. For these reasons, a lot of muni riders prefer them. In fact, 29-inch models are fast enough that some commuters choose them.

Of course, those interested in going the distance might skip right over 29-inch tires for 36-inch unicycles, since these offer the highest top speeds of all. While it is true that 36-inch unicycles are the fastest out there and ideal for smooth, paved surfaces, they require a bit of skill to handle, start and stop since the wheel carries so much rotational momentum.

32-Inch Tires: The Balance of Speed and Handling
If you’re looking for a fast unicycle and shoot right over the 29 to a 36-inch model, you’re missing something big: 32-inch tires.

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The reason for this is that 32-inch tires are remarkably versatile. They are both fast and maintain a relatively high degree of maneuverability for their size. They are faster than 29-inch tires and less difficult to control than those with 36-inch tires.

In fact, models with 32-inch tires offer a significant speed boost over 29-inch tires – by as much as 2 to 3 miles per hour, while being slower than 36-inch models by only about one mile per hour or so. On top of that, models with 32-inch tires offer similar handling and performance to those with 29-inch tires.

The bottom line: unicycles with 32-inch tires are fast and offer manageable handling. Both commuters and muni riders could carve out a place in their collection for 32-inch tires.

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