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The Organizations and Workers Amidst Pandemic Fatigue

The pandemic had collapsed the major business industries due to a sudden recession. This includes Hotel and Restaurant Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Public Transportation Services and other related businesses that are severely affected. Through remodeling businesses, reshaping societies, embracing automation and technology, the world had outstayed the global pandemic. Despite the economic problems and mental health issues, both people and organizations are still determined to get out of the depression brought by Covid-19 outbreak.

Impacts of Pandemic to the People and Companies

Considering that Covid-19 is a deadly and infectious disease, people still have to suffer from numerous factors. This not only about business, work and physical health but also their inner sentiments that directly affects their mentality.  Have you ever asked your friends, colleagues or someone you know if they are really feeling fine? Most of them might respond they are okay, getting through the business, shocked, anxious, lonely, burnout, pessimist and so on. 

Due to the fact that numerous companies went bankrupt and employees who lost their livelihood, this would definitely overwhelm them. In line with this, the United Nation recently reported that 75% of workers in the U.S together with Asia-Pacific have been experiencing extreme burnout and financial constraints.

 Not only that since one of the richest continents on earth which is Europe also suffers from pandemic fatigue and higher rate of economic downturn. This clearly shows that the impact of Covid-19 is not only sickness and death, but also extreme suffering on how to survive.

Even though multiple vaccines have been created by major pharmaceutical companies, this is another detriment to think about. It’s efficacy and adverse effects on the human body overtime. As well as the freedom of people to get vaccinated or not depending on their will. Click here.

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How Creative Entrepreneurs Overcome the Pandemic

On the other hand, ancient philosophers believe that if there is a crisis or a problem, there is also an opportunity. What does this mean? Organizations and entrepreneurs have the capability to think outside the box and get out of their comfort zone for better opportunities. 

It is not about just to survive but to stay in the market and overcome the ongoing crisis. That’s why firms have innovated services or products through the use of technology and logistics to restore its great performance and  productivity even before the pandemic occurred.

Although workers were surprised about how the usual things changed into a new one, they should get along with it to continuously help themselves and their company. Always remember that it is not how small or big the problem is, rather it is how we respond to it. Thus, these changes immediately shifted customer’s standards, buying behavior, business models, job systems and people’s expectations due to electronic commerce transactions. Click here.

How Enterprises Responded

Companies remain stronger and more creative especially in this time of crisis where numerous opportunities can be leveraged. They have enhanced their business models by innovating more products, services and mediums to deliver this value to their target customer. By embracing the internet and technology, organizations were able to cope up. For instance, the cash house buyers in Columbus are encountering delays in visiting the client’s home and even finding prospect leads. So they decided to implement digital marketing and search engine optimization to keep the business going. Likewise the home buyers in Milwaukee. They are continuously getting tenants and clients through online websites.

Besides, well-known technological and retail firms empower their workforce, implement strategic plans to carry out the operations and make decisive and prudent business decisions. Since they have started working differently and efficiently, this has potential growth overtime. Most firms who have successfully adapted technology in their business become the market leader in their industries.

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Steps to Prevent Pandemic Fatigue

There are certain proactive steps to reduce pandemic fatigue in all organizations and firms. Employers are obliged to implement Covid-19 safety precautions as well as adequate support in the workplace.

Companies have to ensure:

1. Continuous implementation of strict safety protocols

2. Prioritize worker’s health over the usual culture that he or she has to do. The safety protocols must be aligned to their welfare.

3. Provide incentives and recognitions to submissive workers. This is to appreciate their good demeanors.

Aside from that, pandemic fatigue is also rampant on virtual workspace so focusing on the following factors will be helpful.

  • Confidence: Show to the employees that there is still hope. There is still time for them to relax and unwind through strictly following the rules and regulations.
  • Compliments: Provide them great performance feedback and encouragement.
  • Compassion: Recognize the current issues that we are experiencing and be understandable.
  • Calmness: Ensure that their jobs are stable.

Regardless of whether they are working onsite or from home, it is imperative to still communicate with them. Discuss an effective discipline and principles that your company aims to understand how important to positively react to their present situation.

The principle is called P-A-I-R

  • Patience – Everything that happened unexpectedly is shocking and can be very complicated. But the process of going back to the usual things takes time. They have to be patient and positive thinkers.
  • Adaptability – This is the process of adapting to the dynamic environment. Change is permanent so workers must be flexible enough to handle this. The more adaptive they are, the easier they can cope up.
  • Innovation – Emphasize the things that have improved and enhanced in the organization when the pandemic occurred. It will drive the company to a brighter future through innovation of more useful products or services. Motivate the workers to participate in this development and include them in decision making.
  • Resilience – Stay confident, understandable and grateful for workers diligence and commitment in helping the organization.


More importantly, organizations realized how valuable the workforce could be. Without them, the operation will not go smoothly. Unless they have the huge budget to conduct automations. Encouraging and supporting the employees would create a healthy working environment even though these people might be working remotely. As long as they will feel supported, heard and important, they will perform well to help the company even more thrive. This is a digital era where an enterprise model can be converted digitally. But it has to help both firms, workers and customers through aligning the business in a human-centered values. Hence, an organization will be more successful than it can imagine.


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