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3 Types of Bachelorette Drinking Cups You Need

Samantha Marshall

When you are preparing for a bachelorette party–whether it be your own or your best friend’s– you need to be sure that you have everything ready to go. This of course includes venues, accommodations, excursions, transportation, and restaurant reservations. Everything should be properly planned for a seamless experience.

However, what about all of the extra little conveniences? You should fully equip yourself and everyone else in your party in order to ensure everyone is comfortable and prepared for anything, especially for drinking (alcohol, water, and coffee). But, it can be hard to find the perfect collections of drinkware for affordable prices!

That’s where Samantha Margaret comes in. They have a wide range of superb bachelorette party and wedding favors to choose from, including wine and champagne glasses, festive hair ties, themed totes and makeup bags, and so much more! However, everything is at an affordable price so you don’t break the bank.

So, this begs the question: what are the best bachelorette drinking cups you need to have?

1. Stainless Steel Wine and Coffee Tumblers
Are you looking for something that is easily transportable, but can also serve dual purposes? Then you should consider adding these stainless steel wine and coffee tumblers to your bachelorette party “must-have” list.

These handy tumblers have no-spill lids, furthering their practicality and transport-friendly nature. Plus, they come in the classic color options: pink, white (for the bride, of course), and black.

Not only that, but there are a slew of options available to choose from in terms of quaint and themed phrases: bride, bride tribe, and I do crew. As an added bonus, they are made of stainless steel, which means they can be washed again and again (even in the dishwasher) for long-term use!

The best part? They’re only $10 each! That means you can save more money for spending on your exciting bachelorette festivities.

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2. Stemless Champagne Cups
At some point or another during the bachelorette party, you will undoubtedly be drinking champagne. You should prepare yourself and your girls with the appropriate glasses. Samantha Margaret’s stemless champagne cups can easily provide you with beautiful cups to sip on your bubbly.

Since they lack a stem, they are also much easier to handle, not to mention much less worrisome to break! These also have a few adorable and high-quality golden script phrases on them, including “bride,” “bride tribe,” and “bridesmaid.”

These plastic cups are exceptionally durable as well, so you are less likely to have any glass-shattering mishaps! Plus, they are only $4 per cup. You really can’t beat that!

3. Water Bottle
While it is a blast to be drinking wine and champagne with the girls, you should never forget to periodically drink water as well. It will best help you combat that debilitating hangover. But, you will undoubtedly be going to various places during the bachelorette party, so you should have your water handy at all times and in all places.

That’s where Samantha Margaret’s bachelorette water bottles come in. They are made of durable plastic and aluminum, but they are also BPA-free. These 17-ounce bottles come in pink and hot pink for the bridesmaids, but white for the bride.

You can also have “bride,” “bride tribe,” and “bridesmaid” scripted on its side in gold. They are also only $7.95 per bottle.

It can be difficult to plan a bachelorette party, but so long as you ensure to have the bachelorette drinking cups by your side, you can’t go wrong! Be sure to browse Samantha Margaret’s other adorable, high-quality, and low-cost bachelorette party and wedding favors as well!

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