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3 Key Ways Professional Translation Services Can Help Expand a Small Business

Hussain Ali

Are you ready to adapt to a global marketplace? Country borders might still be there physically, but in business, they are fast disappearing.

Ask yourself this: how are you currently serving customers beyond your local market?

One way you can boost your global presence is through language. Providing information to customers in their local language is the best way to reach your audience worldwide.

Explore these three ways professional translation services can upgrade your business, whatever your size or ambitions.

1. Expand to New Global Markets

There’s rarely been a better opportunity to grow a small business geographically. Most developed countries are pushing hard to create free trade agreements, and barriers to new markets are coming down.

Technology has had a significant impact too. Now, online tools will help you sell your product or service in multiple currencies without manual calculations. 

What’s more, if you sell online, you’ll already be marketing to a global audience, whether you intend to or not. If you rank on Google or promote on social media, you’ll reach everyone, anywhere in the world. 

With that in mind, the remaining barrier to selling to new markets is the language barrier, and that’s where translation services come in handy.

You can translate your product descriptions, marketing material, and website copy to start selling to a potentially massive worldwide market. Imagine what that can do for your revenue. 

When you first start your translation efforts, you might even discover some helpful information about the customer’s local language, such as these facts about Italian

2. Create an International Brand

Is your strategic goal to position your brand as a small, local business, or do you aspire to create a brand that stretches beyond borders?

There is no correct answer here. Nevertheless, if you do want an international brand, you have to go above and beyond. Aim for a brand with a global vibe. 

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And a genuinely global brand is a multilingual brand. It must be a core business goal. It will give your customers the message that you serve everyone, not just your local market.

Consider the many areas of your business where professional translation could have a positive impact on your brand.

Marketing copy and your website are the most apparent ones, but consider more practical areas such as business proposals and legal documents. 

3. Improve Your Customer Service

You might already sell to customers in different territories worldwide, even if it has yet to become a proactive strategy for your business.

If that’s the case, you want your overseas customers to feel valued and important as your local customers. And that’s where translation services can be helpful. 

Customers who get information in their language will feel important to you and will be more likely to buy from you again.

For example, if you have a customer support area on your website, imagine how that will help customers with a problem read through FAQs or support guides in their native language. 

Invest in Professional Translation Services

Turn your attention to your global customers, and they will turn their attention towards you. Invest in professional translation services, and you’ll see the impact that investment can have on your business. 

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