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Why Are Hyper Traditional Games So Popular?

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Hyper casual games have become a very popular niche in recent years. The game received a sudden improvement in the market with Flappy Bird in 2013. Since then, the species has not seen a decline. Mobile games, in particular, have benefited greatly from this. Have you at any point asked why they are so well known?

Read the blog to know the sudden increase in multiplayer games and why they are so popular with so many viewers.

What is a Hyper casual game?

Game players, in general, look for the right storyline and visual focus while playing the game. Hyper Casual Games, on the other hand, is focused on the opposite. They don’t have a little story or plot but they are fast games that usually take just a minute to play. Hyper-casual games do not require instructions and do not take up space on your phone. When you first play them, you can understand that although they are easy, they have a high level of fun and re-play. One of the most popular games is the stupid, but very addictive Flappy Bird, earning $ 50 billion a day. The game is free on Google Play and iOS and is currently ranked first in the world.

Here are some statistics showing how hyper-casual mobile games have gained popularity:

  • Over the past year, the hyper-casual has grown in the app usage of the game apps up to 3.5 times.
  • 101 Million new players have been introduced to the world of video games due to unconventional games.
  • The hyper-casual sports market has reached approximately $ 2.5 billion
  • Regular gamers download 10 times as many apps and watch video ads 2 times compared to other game genres.
  • A hyper-casual game will usually generate more revenue from in-app ads than in-app purchases. The strategy of such a business lies in the rapid development of the game and its presentation to the audience. After the game is published, the goal of mobile video game companies is to reach as many users as possible. After gaining a significant number of users, revenue is generated through paid ads.

Therefore, we can conclude that hyper-casual games are popular among people of all ages. With the quantity of hyper-easygoing games delivered every year, we can see that the versatile gaming industry is consequently putting money on it.

Reasons why Hyper Casual Games are so popular

Easy to Play

The focus of hyper-casual sports is its simple nature. Such mobile games like real cash rummy ,poker etc are sure to have more access when it comes to skills. This means that in order to play these video games, you do not have to be an expert player to enjoy them right away. Once you get used to the main movement, it catches your attention quickly and becomes very addictive again.This element is the thing that draws in many individuals.

Drawings of such games are usually high, but other than that, the game is still widely played on phones. This also proves that it has excellent standards for longevity and maintenance.


Games need to play a very attractive game to attract users. Hyper casual does not follow this rule. They get involved enough to keep the re-playing feature going, but they don’t follow the strict rules of the game. Game play is defined as video game features to be played as well as in-depth user information, including layout, equipment, game rules, audio effects. Hyper casual games need to be attractive enough to keep users engaged.


The best games you want to play 99/1100 times, published with a free gaming model. If the game is free to play, it has wide accessibility and can easily reach audiences of all ages. In Google Play and iOS forums, you will find thousands of free video games. Thus, easy access, which increases the popularity of the game.

Easy to Build?

Creating Hyper Casual Games requires a story line that creates the most interesting user information. Mobile games should use only small machines to build the most efficient games. Therefore, games need to be done in a very short time. While they are playing the game, they should be able to quickly grasp the concept of the game in the first few seconds to get started. Game developers need to be aware of emerging mobile trends that can be included in the game.

Who Can Be A Hyper Casual Gamer?

Ordinary players like you and me, people who seem to waste time when they are lonely. This could be when we are stuck on a train or a bus or in a queue. Hyper casual athletes do not care about the type as long as they are busy and busy.

In this case, the players do not want a complicated strategy or game. They just want more fun and entertainment, and as a way to kill time. Many games are also based on time so that players get a sense of accomplishment after winning the tournament. Users can immerse themselves in another world or character for a short time.

Making Money With Regular Hyper Games

In 2023, sports analysts predict that the popularity of hyper-casual sports will not only increase but double.17.6 million imports of hyper-easygoing games have been seen day by day since January 2021, representing 12.5% of the all out game incorporation.

In conclusion

Whether for fun or for fun, hyper-casual games are a part of every user’s life right now, and will grow in the future. In the BMG earn money game app, you can find more than 30+ hyper-casual games of all kinds that you can play for free. Just download the Baazi Mobile Gaming app and enter the world of unconventional games now!

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