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Which Is Nicer: Marbella or Puerto Banús?

Hussain Ali

Although they’re both situated on Spain’s sunny south coast, Puerto Banús and Marbella offer a range of different leisure activities and attract very distinct clienteles. 

While Marbella is the more well-known of the two, Puerto Banús boasts a livelier party atmosphere. But, if you’re looking to bond with the locals and enjoy the authentic sights of a historic working town, Marbella might be more your style. As such, while neither is better than the other, you’ll likely have a strong preference for Marbella or Puerto Banús depending on the kind of vacation you’re looking for.

Want to know whether to stay in Marbella or Puerto Banús for your upcoming Spanish escape? Keep reading to find out more!

Puerto Banús

You won’t find a more vibrant spot than Puerto Banús on the Costa del Sol. Compared to other nearby locations, Puerto Banús is a beach resort town that’s 100 percent dedicated to tourism. 

Because of this, everything is set up for you to move around easily, even without a car. For example, as well as lots of hotels, you can find luxury Puerto Banús villas to rent on that are a short walk from the buzzing nightlife and only two blocks from the beach. And, for those of you with kids, Camelot Park in Puerto Banús is sure to provide hours of entertainment. 

As well as the main beach, Playa Puerto Banús, Spain’s Costa del Sol is home to beautiful stretches of coastline that you can explore by car, such as Calahonda to Puerto Banús. And, with 24-hour parking SABA in Puerto Banús, it’s easy to find somewhere to park at any time of the day or night. 


This stunning historic town is a little over four miles from Puerto Banús, making it an ideal destination for a day trip. If the walk is too much for you, there are regular buses, or, if you hire a car, it’s only a 15-minute drive. 

That said, many tourists prefer to stay in Marbella and head to Puerto Banús for a night out rather than staying there for their whole vacation. Compared to Puerto Banús’ international feel, Marbella is an authentic Spanish working town, where you’re more likely to encounter locals in the bars and on the beaches

The well-preserved center boasts a range of parks, museums, and churches, while Marbella’s bars and restaurants tend to be more affordable than the flashier places in Puerto Banús. 

Deciding Between Puerto Banús and Marbella 

Depending on who you talk to, you’re likely to get a different answer every time you ask whether Puerto Banús or Marbella is better. 

The main deciding factor for many is whether they want to be close to the international party scene. If so, Puerto Banús is your best bet. But if not, Marbella’s low-key local feel will probably appeal to you more. 

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